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This is my second purchase of these chicken-wrapped, made in the United States (SO important) rawhides, but this time I went with the 100 pack.
My 2 small dogs dance around waiting to get the chews and when they do, immediately start gnawing on these well made treats. I definitely recommend them and have to friends with small dogs. :)

3 OZ, Apple & Chicken Wrap Dog Treat, A Healthy Treat For Your Dog, Made With Real Chicken.

Cadet Gourmet Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats let you pamper your pooch with a unique low-fat treat bursting with flavor. These snacks are made with real chicken and sweet potato for a healthy burst of beneficial vitamins and natural flavor your dog will love. Developed by pet owners who understand the importance of feeding your furry best friend only the finest ingredients, these wraps are made without any artificial colors, fillers or flavors, and are inspected and tested to verify that they meet the high-quality standards you’ve come to expect. Perfect for dogs over 5 pounds, these healthy treats are sure to be a hit in your home.

Loving Pets Gourmet Carrot & Chicken Wraps Dog Treats

3 OZ, Apple & Chicken Wrap Dog Treat, A Healthy Treat For Your Dog, Made With Real Chicken. I would hate to know how much money I have spent trying to find a treat that my dog would like only to end up giving them away or throwing them away because she would not eat them. Until I made my first purchase of these chicken wrapped rawhide treats from Green Valley. She loves them! The reason I gave these a try was that they are made in the United States. After seeing the warning from the FDA (no less) about chicken treats made in China I refused to consider any Chinese treats. Green Valley makes these right here in the good old USA and I have fed my dog many, many of them without any problem. My orders are processed quickly, product is well packaged and shipped promptly. Quality is good on every order. All in all, I give a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Loving Pets Gourmet Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps Dog Treats

These 2-3 inch rawhide bones wrapped with chicken breast make the perfect dog treat. Made of all natural ingredients that are high in protein and low in fat. Your dog is sure to love them.

Cadet Apple & Chicken Wraps Dog Treats - Farm and Fleet

Your pet can enjoy a delicious dried chicken breast wrapped around rawhide chews. This high protein treat will keep them happy and healthy with our all natural ingredients and great taste. These tempting chicken wrap treats were created for medium size to large dogs.Ruffin' It™ Healthfuls Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps are packed with nutritious goodness and a natural sweet flavor that dogs love. These treats combine the high protein of premium Chicken Breast with the benefits of Sweet Potatoes, one of the most nutritious of all vegetables. Our Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps are low in fat and are easily digestible.