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I make each item by hand from the highest quality materials I can find. All production is done by me (with moral support provided by my Jack Russell Terrier “Lucy” who loves to lie in her heated bed as I work) in my home workshop/studio. I have two other dogs who serve as my marketing staff (people always notice their collars at the dog park) and product testing department. They are “Molly” a mini Australian Shepherd and “Ricky" a fawn chihuahua. Accepted payment methods

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It does have a working range of 400 yards. This is awesome, as it really allows you to train your dog within a close proximity to you. You can use the remote whenever you are outdoors with your dog. In addition, if your Chihuahua decides to dip into the water, this training collar for chihuahua would not fail. This is because it is completely submersible up to 5 feet of water!

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Designer Dog Collar Chihuahua Dog Collar Custom by MyFabulousPuppy, $50.00 famous chihuahua, in partnership with sims jewlery co., is proud to launch their stunning line of sparkling dog charms made for people and their pets! these gorgeous swarovski pearl and shimmer quality crystal charms are conveniently interchangeable and attach easily to any necklace, purse or dog collar! ships international. one universal shipping fee.

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What we like about this, is that it is completely rechargeable. Also, with this awesome Training collar for Chihuahua, you can train up to 3 dogs at the same time. This can be achieved by buying 2 additional collars.

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In an earlier article, we mentioned about different ways to . In the article, we mentioned that there are some breeds that are susceptible to barking, and unfortunately Chihuahua belongs in that category. Also in the article, we mentioned that dog collars can be good in preventing/stopping your dog from barking, hence in this article, we will be reviewing some of the best bark collar for Chihuahua.This best bark collar for Chihuahua functions as a good training collar for Chihuahua too. It fits dogs weighing 8 pounds of more, while fitting neck sizes up to 28″. You can read our complete review .
Chihuahua is a small breed dog that can be pretty noisy at times. Chihuahua are social dogs, hence they like to bark at everything and anything. Like if your friend enters your house, the Chihuahua will bark at him, wagging her tail at the same time. Their barks are usually non malicious as they are friendly, but their small size makes their barks sharp and loud! Most owners cannot cope with that loud screechy barks that Chihuahua has, and hence bark collar for Chihuahua comes into play.This has 6 levels of increasing static stimulation that helps to prevent your dog from barking. It is a good bark collar for Chihuahua as the collar increase its static correction automatically as the duration of the bark increases. Also, since Chihuahua really barks a lot, there is a function within that stops emitting the static charge if the dog were to bark nonstop. It detects only your dog’s bark using an innovative way of differentiating your dog’s barks amongst others. The PetSafe Basic bark control collar can actually detect your dog’s vocal cords moving. This is perfect for dogs that are stubborn and bark excessively.