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Some Chihuahuas are noisy little dogs that seem to yip at the slightest provocations and mouth off nonstop when they want attention. Their tendency to vocalize makes them good watchdogs, so smart owners don’t want to completely turn off their tiny noisemakers. But frenzied barking for attention or when someone walks near the house gets old real fast.

I'm not bothered if she never barks, but I thought chihuahuas were barky dogs ?

barking is natural! it’s an important means of communication for all dogs, but sometimes problems can develop. as the pack leader, it’s your job to step in and control excessive barking. here are 5 tips to help you stop nuisance barking for good. guaranteed to work for chihuahuas!

Two Chihuahua dogs bark 0:12 ..

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Chihuahuas are the ideal lovable, loyal and long-term pal. When you’re alone in the house with a Chihuahua, you’re never alone — they sleep on your lap, sit by your side, or follow you from room to room while you do chores. When you’re not home, they protect it like their personal domain, barking at the sign of any approaching stranger (making them surprisingly effective watchdogs). This endearing love and devotion, however, can sometimes evolve into a fierce protectiveness, making them a force to reckon with when they try to compete with other pets or family members for your attention. Nevertheless, this big-time attitude packed inside a pint-sized frame has a remarkable way of being endearing rather than annoying. Whether in an apartment, a house or a palace, a Chihuahua is perfectly accommodated. And they’re fairly easy to care for, needing minimal exercise and food. But don’t skimp on the attention: Chihuahuas crave affection and companionship to the point where they may resort to attention-getting tricks. And watch out: They are so quick-witted and cunning and sweet, you might find yourself doing an overtime shift of petting, scratching and cuddling.

How to Train a Chihuahua to Stop Barking

Chihuahua is a small breed dog that can be pretty noisy at times. Chihuahua are social dogs, hence they like to bark at everything and anything. Like if your friend enters your house, the Chihuahua will bark at him, wagging her tail at the same time. Their barks are usually non malicious as they are friendly, but their small size makes their barks sharp and loud! Most owners cannot cope with that loud screechy barks that Chihuahua has, and hence bark collar for Chihuahua comes into play.

Barking in itself isn't necessarily bad