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Every Christmas I bake dog biscuits for all the dogs in our family plus the dogs owned by a few friends and neighbors. It’s a tradition that started at least ten years ago and it’s one that I love. This year the dogs are getting bacon dog biscuits and if tail wags are any indication, my taste tester assures me they’re delicious.

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This year instead of buying her a toy for her Christmas stocking I decided to make her gift. Something she’d really enjoy, a big batch of healthy dog biscuits that are gluten-free, have special ingredients to aid in digestion for sensitive tummies and in a size that she can chew.

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On a positive note I am looking forward to making some biscuits with my son for Christmas dog treats! Thank you for this instructable :) Our dogs — Spencer and Luciano — tend to get spoiled at Christmas (come to think of it, they get spoiled every day of the year, but that’s another story). Of course, Santa usually brings them several new toys but last year, I decided to experiment with homemade dog biscuit treats as well. In the face of countless pet food recalls, trusting a commercial company to make your dog treats is sometimes a bit questionable. Christmas was the perfect time to bake some dog treats from scratch, ensuring our pups were getting the most wholesome, safe treats possible.

Don't Forget About Fido This Holiday Season – Christmas Dog Biscuits.

We always like to have a little something to put under the Christmas tree for our furry friends during the holiday season. This year, the boys and I decided to make the dogs’ gifts by baking them some Homemade Dog Biscuits! The kids had so much fun with this activity, and the treats are certainly cheaper than a dog toy that we might buy in the store.

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Aww, my dog would love if I made her some doggy biscuits!! She does the same thing Mannie does while I’m baking. She’ll just stand there next to me and wait until I drop something, lol. Hope you have a great Christmas! I’m going out of town tomorrow morning and won’t be back for a week!Every Christmas I make homemade dog biscuits for the family dogs. I often experiment with different recipes and flavors and our dog gets to do the taste test. These gingerbread dog biscuits passed with flying colors!