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Fabric softener sheets are an effective and inexpensive tool in your home-cleaning arsenal. Besides, they smell good. Pull one out of the box and pat it on the floor, carpet and furniture -- any surface that has dog hair on it. The sheet pulls dog hairs from your floors as it makes contact with them. Replace dryer sheets when they get full of dog hair. Because they're so portable, you can treat your vehicle the same way.

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Before you freak out, here are five simple and easy steps that you can do to clean your car. These steps will effectively remove dog hair from your car seats and carpet. You won’t have to pay extra bucks for a professional car wash if you follow these steps.

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Meant to clean dog hair but works for people hair too !!! Better then a vacuum ! A vacuum cleaner will effectively get rid of the larger and longer clumps of dog hair, leaving only the smaller stubborn hairs. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, select one with attachments that will help collect pet hair.

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One product that has caught my eye is the affordable and lightweight Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, as it is has a powerful suction, multi-level filtration, and a hard nozzle created specifically for dealing with cars. It’s also perfect for cleaning up dog hair around the house.

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However, the moment they get off the car, you notice the clumps of hair sticking on your car seat and carpet. Your dog has shed its hair in your car again! This can be annoying, especially if you don’t know how to clean it up.For cloth seats, however, you need to clean them deeply because dog hair can weave itself intricately with the material. You can use a to comb out any hair follicles stuck on the seats of your car. You might also want to invest on a pet seat cover to avoid the hassle of cleaning them regularly. (See Step 5 to learn more.)If you don’t know how to remove dog hair from car seats, there are different methods for different types of material. Leather seats can be easily wiped off with a cloth or cleaned with a . (You can also use wax to clean your leather seats if you please.)The next step is to clean the carpet. However, before you start vacuuming, the best way on how to get dog hair out of car carpet is to first blow out any clumps from the surface. This will make carpet cleaning easier later, as the easy-to-remove hair has already been disposed of.