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Additionally, to clean a pet's ears requires patience and respect. Do not use cotton tipped applicators to clean your pet's ears. Cotton tips are abrasive and feel like a coarse pad on the surface of your dog's sensitive ear canal. In addition, these tips can push ear debris further down into the canal making the ear infection worse. I recommend gently squirting the veterinary recommended ear cleaning solution directly into your pet's ear canal and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before wiping it out with a lightly moistened gauze or cotton ball. It is advisable to do this activity outside or in a bathroom where the walls can be easily wiped clean after your pet shakes its head.

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Our dog ear cleaning solution is a safe and effective aid in maintaining good hygiene for your dog’s ears. These liquid ear cleaner solutions are good for deodorizing and cleaning the dog’s ears and are designed for use after bathing or swimming. We also manufacture other important dog supplements, including . Contact us today. Let’s keep all of our pets happy!

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On the day you plan to clean your dog's ears or before, purchase an ear-cleaning solution from your vet or a pet supply store Cleaning your dog's ears is an important part of a regular routine, whether he has an ear infection or not. If your dog haschronic ear infections, visit a veterinarian for a stronger earsolution.

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As mentioned before, dogs have deep ear canals. Unlike a human being’s ear canal, if water enters a dog’s ear canal, it does not dissipate as easily. As such, if any instances of water enter their ear canal, it can essentially mix in with their ear wax and cause a certain degree of moisture that remains for an extended period of time. This moisture operates as a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and a variety of other inflammation causing microorganisms. Overtime if you fail to utilize a professional clean solution that cleans dogs ears, the accumulation of microorganisms within the dog’s ear can lead to an ear infection.

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3. Place the bottle of ear cleaner in a bowl of hot water. Shake the bottle occasionally and replace the water with new hot water as it cools. Let the bottle sit in the hot water for five to seven minutes. This will warm the dog's ear cleaning solution, making the process more comfortable for the dog. Many dogs who resist and struggle during ear cleanings object to the sensation of the cold cleaning solution in their ears.Aurocin is a soothing, safe, gentle and effective ear cleansing solution for use on dogs and cats – the combination of Aloe Vera and other essential ingredients makes this a very affordable, effective product for routine cleansing and drying of moist or mildly exudative, waxy ears - has a pleasant cucumber melon scent !