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If you hike or travel with a four-footed companion, the Waxed Canvas Dog Bowl will perform an important function, while also looking especially classy. The seamless waterproof nylon interior is covered by a handsome waxed cotton canvas outer layer, so the bowl stands up when being used, but squishes flat for storage in your pack or your car's trunk. There's a tab sewn onto the edge to allow you to clip the bowl to the outside of your pack to dry, or to hang it from a hook on your camper.
Over time, the waxed canvas develops a comfortable, broken-in look that reminds one of fine leather. This is the same material chosen for its ruggedness and weather-resistance by 19th-century seafarers, British soldiers in World War II, and 1960s motorcycle racers. Doesn't your dog deserve to be associated with such illustrious company?
Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.

Rally Dog Food Bowl with Cover is 24 ounces, stainless steel, and is a non-tip bowl

If you have an indoor pet that leaves water on the floor after they drink then you need the Dog Water Hole. It features covering over the water bowl with a hole in the middle just big enough that your dog can drink with the water splashing back to the covered area. The Dog Water Hole can go anywhere with you. Please note it fits into the same bracket as the ET6019 Cruise Bowl. It comes in the assorted colors of natural and blue.

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12 Results - Great but Cheap Covered Dog Food Bowl, Cheap Home & Garden,Dog Feeding & Watering Supplies, as well as Cheap and more The Aikiou Interactive dog bowl is shapedlike a dog's paw. The main food bowl is covered by a spinning door thathides the food in six different compartments. To get his meal, the dog must move the spinning door and locate the food in each compartment. Thetoe sections also hide food and are covered by sliding doors.

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Rally Dog Food Bowl with Cover is 24 ounces, stainless steel, and is a non-tip bowl. The cover is made from a heavy black plastic mesh, which sets inside the bowl. The cover is required to help keep dogs from accidentally eating unfamiliar foods if they can not resist this exercises in the rally ring. This cover is also much safer than using hardware cloth or chicken wire that can scratch or poke the dogs.

Pet Food Water Bowl Mat, Food Water Pet Design, 12.75x19, Blue/Gray.

From the trail tested folding fabric dog bowls to dog water bottles to collapsing silicone dog bowls, we’ve got you and your dog covered. When it’s time for dinner at camp or water on a day hike, check out Backcountry K-9’s selection of waterproof and collapsible dog bowls, silicone dog bowls, dog water bottles and travel kits for small dogs and big dogs alike. Choose from top brands like Ruffwear, Guyot Designs, Kurgo and Rad Dog. Do you have questions about the best dog bowl for your adventures? for expert help!periodically, when my mother's shih tzu goes into the kitchen to eat, we'll hear an odd snuffling and snorting. when we go into the kitchen, we find that he is using his face to move the rug to cover to my dog's bowl. after the bowl is covered, he'll eat.Yesterday we covered – dog food and water bowls that help slow your dogs eating. Of course over these next few days we are only putting together an overview of all our bowls. In the coming weeks and months we’ll have an in-depth product review of each dog food bowl.dromedarius - I actually have an upgrade planned to my current setup that I hope to post soon. Basically, it uses an arduino, servers, and pressure pad to open and close a plexiglass door over the food bowls when my puppy approaches the food bowls to get something to eat or drink. When some amount of time passes after leaving the bowl, the arduino is triggered by the pressure pad to close the door on top of the dog food bowls, covering it from any additional "intruders." It seems to me something like that will allow you to keep the dishes outside.