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If your answer was “No,” you’ve probably never been to the annual Intergroom Convention in New Jersey which attracts around 3,000 groomers from 21 different countries seeking to learn to artfully groom their animals. While the panda example is from a separate creative grooming competition, it truly only skims the surface of what the groomers in the Intergroom convention’s Creative Challenge Competition can conjure up. Their dogs are their canvases in this competition, each one sporting a work of art that is fluffy, vibrant, and unique – no two fur coats are the same!

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New York photographer has probably seen a lot in his career, but these creatively groomed dogs have got to be one of the wackiest things ever. In his series Groomed, Nathan captures all sorts of K9s who have been dyed and fluffed up for one of the largest international dog and cat grooming conferences (who knew there was one).

Riley....Maltese #creativedoggrooming Grooming by Maria

Cat Grooming,Poodle Grooming,Friday Dog,Creative Grooming,Grooms,Crazy Dog,Maltese,Toys,Poodles is a fashion photographer who was captivated by the strange beauty of creatively groomed canines, specifically those who compete in a , so he put his pretty pictures of dogs looking rather ridiculous into a book appropriately entitled .

Milo... Westie #creativedoggrooming Grooming by Maria

There are a number of dog groomers in Point Loma that offer some level of creative dog grooming. However you may want to look for a store that specializes in creative dog grooming in San Diego to be sure that you get groomers who know what they’re doing and are regulated by the NAPCG. There are local shops as well as big name stores like Petco that offer some form of dog coloring. To find the best deal that matches with your desires, we suggest calling around and asking questions.

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Painted with cheetah spots and cotton candy pink fur, the polished pooches in photographer Paul Nathan’s “Groomed” series are better suited for a high-fashion runway than the pet store. New York-based Nathan provides a (colorful) look into the world of creative dog grooming, which is equal parts delightful and totally bizarre. Animal lovers, rest easy. The individuals behind these creative dog grooming designs always make the pet’s safety and happiness their first priority. To create the bright designs captured in Newman’s series, professional groomers wield styling tools and semi-permanent hair dye, coloring and primping the dog in styling sessions that can span a few days (though each individual session lasts no more than a few hours, to ensure that the dog is comfortable). Unlike red carpet hairstyles, these dog looks can last anywhere from a few washes to a few months. Nathan claims that only a few top dogs have the patience required to become the artist’s canvas.Paul Nathan was born in Auckland, New Zealand, though he now works and resides in New York. While Nathan focuses on beauty, portraits and editorial fashion, he has published two books on dogs, including Groomed and Couture Dogs of New York. Many of the images in Nathan’s books come from his time at high-end events like Intergroom, the world’s premiere pet grooming conference, that feature grooming competitions and educational seminars. Creative dog grooming is a thriving pet subculture, and it’s not uncommon for dog groomers to attend these events dressed to match their pooches. Is this borderline animal cuteness abuse..? Haha Feast your eyes on these incredible photos of multicolored, amazingly creative dogs that were taken by photographer Ren Netherland at a few different dog grooming competitions across the United States.