Custom printed full color plastic dog tags include a 23 ½ inch ball chain and is available in four colors. This plastic dog tag is perfect to promote kennels, animal boarding organizations, pet shelters and many more. This durable and lightweight dog tag is available in four colors including white. Full color plastic dog tags are fun and effective way to advertise your business. Being lightweight, you can easily carry them in bulk to tradeshows, local community events and conventions.

Custom PrintedDogTags

Having large areas for customization, featuring vibrant colors, and being very durable, it's easy to see exactly why they fit so perfectly for so many different uses. If you are looking for full color graphics, our unique glossy finished, super tough teslin based custom dog tag is the perfect product for you. Be as creative as you want: Let your imagination run free in customizing your dog tags -- precise imprinting in CMYK ensures that your graphics "pop" off your tag. Additionally, you can incorporate pictures / photos as well as mascots, gradients, drop shadows and more on these dog tags, all of course along with clear, crisp text. The text and graphics on our full color dog tags have smooth gradients with fine detailing and feature full edge to edge color coverage. You can make one side one color, and the other a complimentary color, reverse images and so on -- the options are unlimited.


We specialize in custom printed dog tags, learn about the history of the dog tag on this page.. Preview your Statement Dogtags before ordering with our online Dog Tag generator. Choose your font and dog tag style, write your custom message, choose your chains, silencers, and gift packaging and then see what your finished dog tag set will look like when it’s printed. Be sure to proof-read your information carefully!

Custom Printed Dog Tags on Chain - Show Your Logo

At Underabuck, it’s all about allowing you to design custom logo dog tags that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We offer basic metal dog tags that can be enhanced with a simple image, but we also offer dog tags that can be printed in full color. That means you can recreate nearly any picture or logo on our promotional items! That’s not all. Each of our tags can be personalized by you, but we also offer different products to choose from. Our promotional dog tags can be worn around the neck or hung from a keychain. Just contact us to design your custom logo dog tags today!

Custom Printed Spirit Vinyl Dog Tags - Identity Links

Photo etched designs are a great way to add color to the design or logo imprinted on your custom dog tags. If you have a corporate or school logo with up to three colors, photo etched tags offer accurate reproduction of those colors in a way that makes your design stand out.LogoTags has launched a new line of custom that opens up a world of new possibilities for the promotional products industry. Teslin® substrate is a product of PPG that it describes as a “synthetic paper” that is the preferred plastic for items that require detailed graphics such as security cards, e-passports, radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, and many other products. The use of Teslin® as dog tags will allow for highly detailed graphics and colors to be printed on both sides of the tag, including full-bleed images, and they are great for QR codes and other graphics that can be scanned.