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These silent pet clippers cut through matted hair well without getting stuck or making an uneven cut. Matted hair can become very unsanitary and dangerous for a dog to have, so possessing tools that prevent that hair from continuing to pose a hazard is imperative. These clippers make it easy for even the least talented of hair cutters to be able to do a neat job.

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6) Lastly, I trim around the base of his ears, following the natural curve of the ear. Be very careful cutting the ear hair of your dog, you definitely don’t want to cut or even nip their skin.

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The right tools are a key part of cutting your dog's hair. The most essential supplies include: Does your dog have a curly, wavy, wiry, silky or long coat? If so, there’s a good chance he will require a regular routine of hair clipping. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t all that long, it still might be advantageous to have a haircut for far more than aesthetic reasons.

Cutting your dog's hair at home can be a great time and money saver

With many breeds, clipping and trimming lessens the chances of matting, tangles and the infestation of fleas and other pests, thus reducing the risk of skin infections. It can also help him stay clean and cooler during long, hot summers. Clipping your dog’s coat is easier than you might imagine. With the right clipper, trimmer and scissors, it is simple to give your dog a haircut, saving you money and outside trips.

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Cutting your dog's hair at home can be a great time and money saver. It can also be a great source of frustration if you don't have a quality set of dog clippers at the ready. By doing a little research, you can make sure this frustration never manifests.The most important think you'll need to cut your dog's hair is a good set of clippers. There's a lot more to this process than going to the local pet store and picking up one that looks good. There are metrics you must consider before pulling the trigger on a pair, including dog breed and how your dog handles .At first glance, we may be inclined to think that getting our dog a hair cut is primarily a means to get them to look their best. And there is indeed something to be said about a dog that has a proper upkeep in the fur department. However, the need to maintain a good coat goes beyond vanity.Clippers should last a long time, as long as you . Making sure you periodically check and clean the clippers between uses will make sure they perform the task they were meant to do correctly. Moreover, checking them out will make sure your dog receives a consistently good hair cut every time.