How to Treat Dandruff on Your Dog

How to treat Dog Dandruff?Dandruff in pets and dogs look exactly like the dandruff in humans. The dandruff is caused because dogs develop white flakes on their skin that eventually turns into dandruff. It can be the result of dry skin and allergies or parasites in your loved pet. Dog dandruff is not a big issue and can easily be tackled. If you know the right process of dog dandruff treatment then you can easily tackle with the issue.

WHat are common alternate dog dandruff treatment options. Discuss options to end dandruff in dogs.

Cheyletiella mites are highly contagious and can hop between dogs, cats, rabbits, and even humans. For this reason, it is important to treat all of the animals in the household if any of them are diagnosed with walking dandruff. Any bedding that has been in contact with the animals should be laundered, and carpets and upholstery should be vacuumed to prevent further infestations. This will need to be repeated periodically throughout the weeks of the treatment process. As humans are not the parasite’s normal host, the infestations are generally short and treating the affected animals, and environment usually provides resolution.

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Discover the best treatment for Sarcoptic mange and other serious skin irritatiions in dogs. Dog Dandruff Treatment. our dog's dandruff may not show up on dark clothing and embarrass it on a date, but the flakes do indicate a problem beyond just looks. Dandruff on dogs occurs for many reasons. Medications, such as antifungal medications, produce possible side effects such as thinning hair and dandruff, according to University of Arizona. (See Reference 1) One form of mites, Cheyetiella, looks like dandruff, reports University of California Davis. (See Reference 2) Other medical conditions, including thyroid disorders and food allergies, may cause dandruff. Although underlying medical conditions require treatment by your veterinarian, many natural remedies provide help in getting rid of the dandruff and restoring your dog's coat and skin.

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Take your dog to the veterinarian to evaluate the cause for dandruff and determine any necessary medical treatment. Discuss your plans for natural treatment for the dandruff with the veterinarian to make sure no treatments conflict with your dog's health needs.

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 Add small amount of flax seed oil to your dog’s diet every day. This is one effective dog dandruff treatment. Such addition of fatty acids in the diet increases dog’s omega 3 content and keeps the skin hydrated and oily to prevent dandruff. So by using a quality dog dandruff treatment medicated shampoo, as well as digestive enzymes you will be on the road to beautiful and healthy looking dog that is pain free! With the dogs shampoo you should see results within 2 bathes. The enzymes will show a noticeable difference in 3-weeks time. With the enzymes you will also notice an overall improvement in the health and mood of your dog!