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Deer, elk and moose antlers are a natural dog chewing treat. Dogs can end up chewing on them for up to six months until they can get to bone marrow. They love chewing on antlers. These can help to clean dog teeth as well, since they whittle away at the antler with their teeth. This helps to get off plaque an the remains of food.

Freshest of the fresh! Deer, elk, and moose naturally shed their antlers yearly, leaving behind a tough, healthy treat dogs will l

Acadia Antlers will only sell MAINE moose antlers, and is proud to have a great network of shed hunters that maintain our ability to stay in the business of keeping your dogs happy! Did you know that Maine's moose population runs about 29,000 throughout the state? Males only have the antlers, so perhaps 15,000 pairs are shed each year, and if found, many are crafted into chandeliers, furniture, and taxidermy mountings. You develop an appreciation for these terrific treats when you realize they are only available in limited quantities, especially when compared to deer which are very common. Today there are over 20 million deer in the United States and numbers are rising.

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This Dentley's Nature Chews Split Deer Antler Dog Treat is high in calcium for a healthy reward that helps clean your pup's teeth. I am not 100% positive about deer antlers but elk antlers are expensive because they last much longer then a normal, consumable dog treat. In a non-aggressive chewer, a good elk antler can last up to 6 months, in my expierence. It all depends who you buy them from and if they are deer vs elk vs moose (moose are hard but tend to make a mess, deer spit and splinter and don’t last as long) and the dog. But you can ask anyone who has tried at least an elk antler from a reputable source, they are the great, long lasting treats and well worth the added cost.

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Unfortunately, I’m not too sure how you prepare deer antlers. Someone else in the comment thread may have an idea how you should treat or prepare deer antlers before giving them to your dogs.

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Deer antlers are a clean, odorless, non-staining, non-greasy treat to keep active chewers busy. The antlers will not crumble or splinter and harm your dog. Ever thought about elk antlers for dogs () for your pet? We have and we want to share everything there is to know about this ultimate pet treat with you. Elk antlers could be the greatest dog treat on earth. Antlers for dogs certaintly can be put to the test. There is not another dog bone in the world that's like it... elk antler dog treats do no split, splinter, smell (unlike a bully stick) or stain the carpet. Antlerz treats can last up to six months and also help to clean your pet's teeth. And the best part about elk antlers for dogs is that dogs go absolutly nuts for them! They try and try to get the yummy marrow center, but can't always do it. It's the dog treat that keeps on giving and well worth the extra money, we promise! Elk antler bones are perfect for small, medium and large dogs and they even come in mastiff size for the big dogs out there. Deer antlers are too soft, moose antlers are too hard, elk antlers are just right! At the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, () you can email or call us for a personalized recommendation as to the best size for your dog and we can even hand pick an elk antler treat for you, to your specifications. And don't forget to stop by our dog blog, where you might have a chance at winning a free elk antler dog bone treat for your pet! ()