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Diapers for dogs help with incontinence issues and offer the perfect solution for protecting your home from puppy accidents while training. They provide superior absorption and comfort and keep your home and furniture clean and urine-free. They’re also a great solution for keeping your home protected from messes caused by female dogs while in heat. And for male dogs with control issues, there are wraps made just for them. Simple Solution Disposable Diapers feature a secure fit that provides leakproof protection and a breathable outer layer for excellent comfort. And for the fashionable fur balls, there’s Simple Solution Fashion Print Disposable Diapers with a fun design. Vet's Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Diapers for Female Dogs have a leak barrier, fur-safe fasteners, and re-position-able closures to give you the best fit for your female dog every time. Dogit Clean Disposable Diapers provide comfortable and reliable protection against leaks with convenient stick-on tabs that make the perfect fit quick and easy. Made just for male dogs, there are some washable, reusable wraps. Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap and Vet's Best Perfect-Fit Washable Wrap for Male Dogs are less intrusive yet are made to provide a custom fit for your male dog for leakproof protection. There are many reasons for dog incontinence, some that require medical attention. Your dog’s incontinence could be caused by anything from medication side effects, wakened bladder from aging and a hormonal imbalance to more serious issues like urinary tract infections, urinary stones or prostate disease. So it’s important that you see your veterinarian when regular incontinence begins, even if your pup is only displaying slight symptoms.

We …”bring harmony back into the home” with our Disposable Male Dog Wraps & Super-Wik Piddle Pads.

Comfortable and convenient, Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps are the ultimate answer to male dog spraying or marking in the house, even excitable tinkling, or incontinence issues.

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Vet's Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Male Dog Wrap 12 pack Small White 4.5" x 4" x… Although there are a few bad reviews, they are targeted at the pricing, which is rather low. Also, some customers complain about the size they bought being too large for their puppy. However, with correct measurements, the Wiki Wags Male Dog Disposable Wraps should fit your male dog perfectly.

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The Wiki Wags Brand 12 Male Dog Disposable Wraps (Bellybands) comes in three different sizes. Each size has a different price. The sizes include X-Small, Small, Large, and Medium. They can fit dogs with waist sizes from 6 inches to 30 inches. It is crucial you measure your dog and know his waist size before placing an order.

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Finally, a disposable male dog diaper in a wrap. As many customers have already discovered... they actually work as well as expected! Wiki Wags brand male dog wraps come in four re-adjustable sizes. Sold in stores or online in 12 ct pkgs or by the case. Phone in orders for wholesale or pallet pricing. Visit our main online store at or check us out for locations near you. Non-competing Wholesale/Retail prices available.Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps hold an enormous amount of liquid that stays locked away from the dog’s body. This special feature leaves the hair dry and odor free. Try for yourself and see the difference when your home returns to normal without all the burdensome clean-up.