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A better understanding of the nature and function of some of the genes identified in the dog that are associated with equivalent conditions in man will no doubt lead, in the long term, to improved diagnosis and treatment for human patients. It is also possible that many of these downstream benefits will eventually also be applicable to dogs. But by far the most likely and immediate improvement to the health of domestic dogs will derive from the DNA tests that are routinely made available once a disease-associated mutation has been identified. Currently, DNA tests are available for over 80 different canine mutations, a number that can be expected to increase very quickly in the coming years, and over 120 breeds are able to take advantage of at least one DNA test. A list of DNA tests available for dogs at the time of writing is given in Table , although it should be noted that new DNA tests are becoming available very rapidly so readers should check with individual testing laboratories for a complete list of tests available. Alternative resources for finding lists of currently available DNA tests are , , and . This article does not attempt to discuss every test available. Rather it discusses some of the considerations that should be taken into account to successfully translate scientific findings into robust and useful tools for the lay dog breeder to use, and in so doing it uses a few representative examples of DNA tests that are currently available.

Is that your dog’s poop? DNA testing shows apartment building owners whose pets are making messes.

Soooo interesting! We got a sibling pair from the local shelter, and since they were a raid on a house with a billion dogs we arent’ really sure what they are! They are listed as beagle and mini pincher, because the puppies were nursing off a Beagle mama. BUT they look soooooo much like dachshund. I would soooo do a DNA test!

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Mixed-breed DNA testing, though, is not as helpful in predicting potential diseases in those dogs. Wisdom Panel claims that its tests are more accurate than professional breeders because of lots and lots of science. Wisdom Panel tested over 13,000 dogs and performed analyses of over 19 million genetic markers. By repeatedly testing multiple dogs from the same breed, Wisdom Panel was able to figure out which genetic markers were unique to which breeds. By testing your dog for these genetic markers, Wisdom Panel can reasonably estimate what percentage of your dog’s DNA came from a specific breed.

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Wisdom Panel is the most advanced dog DNA test on the market. That’s also because Wisdom Panel is the only dog DNA test on the market – it’s bought out or most of its competitors. Other dog DNA tests exist, but for different purposes. The , but only to prove parentage. Another company, , uses a DNA sample to see which community members aren’t picking up their dog’s waste.

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