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Bruce, attitudes like your are the reason these articles are written, but evidentally it went right over your head. If they were to pay them more you would also have to pay more….another reason for you to complain, I’m sure. You probably think we play with puppies all day, and I am sure you could never fathom you dog being one to misbehave, and I bet you also think that it is a job you could easily do yourself…and with that attitude-have at it my friend, spending thousands on tools and learning all a groomer has to know to do it correctly and safely would probably be the only way you would ever begin to appriciate what your groomer does that you don’t see. Maybe then you would realize that tossing your groomer a fiver here and there is worth what they do for you and your dogs. You probably also don’t believe in tipping servers and such either, do you.

Tip as you will, but don't discriminate just because the OWNER may be grooming your dog!

anyway, that's just a bit of world info for you. if it were me i would tip 10% unless the service was excellent. my groomer is wonderful, i drop my dog off for 3 or 4 hours because the groomer loves her. but also because minnie is only 1 year old my groomer works really slowly with her, when minnie has had enough she puts her down and lets her play with the other dogs that are there for grooming and her own dogs. so minnie not only gets groomed but she gets desensitised and socialised. so my groomer charges about $50, 10% is $5 but i would probably give her $10-$15 because she does such an amazing job.

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you guys out there with dogs needing grooming, do you tip and if so, how much? If you are taking your dog in or using a mobile groomer tipping is just a nice thing to do. It's ok if you did not know but I would tip your groomer. I get tips any where for $ 5.00 to $ 40.00 now this is extreme it's just that the dog is very difficult. I had the same thing happen to me last week a new client with a poodle this was the second groom for the dog when she picked up the dog she said sorry I asked her why she said " I did not know that I should tip" so it ok like you said just add a little extra next time..A $ 5.00 will be fine. I will let you in on a little tip clients that tip will get extra perks I look at it this way a tip mean that the client appreciates what I do so I will return the favor.

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These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to find a groom that works quickly for your senior dog. My faithful companion is getting pretty old, and leaving the house is now a stressful ordeal for him. I’ll definitely look for a groomer that works quickly so I can minimize his time away from home. Thanks for the great post!

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1-My pet groomer is also the owner of her business. I know etiquette says you're not supposed to tip the business owner but I do anyway. She does a great job, has shown a LOT of patience with my dog who was always terrified to get her nails clipped. We've been going to the same lady for a few years now and my dog is MUCH calmer now when it's done, and it's all due to the groomer. I not only want to show my appreciation but I don't want her to go out of business! I think if I was insulting her she'd have told me by now, but a friend of mine insists I'm committing a terrible faux pax. The groomer does not have any employees as far as I know, it's always just her when I go in. What do y'all think?I always go to the same place for my pup. He is a rescue "chew-weinie".Old owners would leave him in a kennel 23 hours a day minus business time, and we're very loud and argumentative. As a result, he was very cautious when I came into his life. He never bites, but if you try to pick him up too fast, he will lift his lip at you. Long story short, a large pet store, clipped his nails impatiently while a 80 lb Saint Bernard barked in a kennel in the same room as the clipping and were shocked that my dog seemed "schizo". "He tend to bite," is the comment I received as I picked him up. I have a very short temper, so I'm very no confrontational as a result. I paid, had kept my comments internal, only out of fear the young lady wouldn't comply, or say something smart, so I paid and left. That being said I didn't tip her, I frequent a groomer now, who I tip five dollars to gently and caringly trim his nails. With patience and he has yet to snap at her. Last time he saw her, he even wagged his tail. From a pup lover I always give 5$, but my pups, my son.