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So now I am the bad guy for asking dog owners to keep their dog away from my air mattress. I ended up getting a not so good cheap replacement at an inflated price, wishing I had my original.

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So as you can see, there are MANY products available (not only air mattress beds!) designed to . Of course, no matter what your dog's age may be, exercise is always a good thing as it helps to keep your pooch mobile and in shape (ask your veterinarian before exercising a dog that suffers from arthritis). Swimming is a wonderful way to keep your old dog in shape because it is an exercise that is easy on the muscles and joints! If possible, take your dog to a pool that allows dogs. Good luck and here's to caring for our wonderful and LOVABLE senior canines! Woof!

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So now I am the bad guy for asking dog owners to keep their dog away from my air mattress That’s when Russell scrunched an air mattress into the cargo area of her scuffed-up PT Cruiser and began sleeping there, with one dog on either side of her for companionship and warmth. She avoids liquids in the afternoon to limit the number of times she has to crawl out in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

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Anyways, I am pretty sure who the bad puggie was who decided to make our air mattress into a personal bathroom. We are pretty sure BJ was marking since we borrowed the air mattress from a friend who has three dogs. (He occasionally marks when other dogs other than Gidget are involved.)

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There are many types of air mattresses and air beds. We have covered and reviewed the best air mattresses your money can buy. When it comes to inflatable air mattress beds, there are many different intended uses. There are mattresses made for indoor use and there are mattresses made for outdoor use. There are , and , medical use, ones for kids and even dogs. Yes, you read that right, air mattresses for dogs.So why air mattress beds for dogs you ask? Well, as you know, many dogs develop arthritis and other joint problems as they age. Whether you own an adorable Beagle, German Shepherd or even an Xoloitzcuintli (which is a hairless dog), arthritis, unfortunately, affects most elderly canines (no matter what breed) at one point or another. In fact, arthritis is one of the most common illnesses that older dogs face. There are a variety of air mattress beds on the market today. and even specifically designed for camping trips and the back of sport utility vehicles! You might even be surprised to learn that there are also air mattress beds available for dogs as well! Those darn Dogs and their claws!. While these are quite durable, no air mattress can withstand a dog jumping on them all the time. Eventually they will cause a tear. I would suggest a thicker more durable air mattress like these, but also invest in a high quality mattress protector for extra measure.