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When shopping for a model be sure to look for a feeding station that is sturdy and provides enough room for the cat to sit, eat, and drink in. Un-sturdy models can be tipped over when bumped by pets or people. Additionally, wobbly models can splash water and spill food everywhere while the cat is climbing for a snack. Worse yet, heavy cats may make some designs top heavy. This poses a risk to the cat while eating and drinking, as we for anyone near the feeding station when it falls. When it comes to dog proof cat feeding stations, stability is key. Before purchasing online models, be sure that the dog proof cat feeding station is stable, in addition to having positive reviews. Be sure that the online shop accepts returns as well, just in case.

Dog proof cat feeding station. Cat sized hole in the bottom keeps doggies out and lets cats in!

This next part of the project is also the first thing positioned at your new dog feeding station. Yoga mats, old or new, offer the perfect cushion and traction to keep under your dog's food and water bowls. Luckily they come in various styles, colors, and designs, and most are the perfect size and durability for a typical feeding area. The best part? You can cut them into a dog bone or other unique shapes to cover your floors and keep them protected from food and water spillage (dogs aren't the most sophisticated eaters, as you know).

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Dog proof cat feeding station. Cat sized hole in the bottom keeps doggies out and lets cats in! In a multi-pet, multi-species household, a common frustration is keeping meal time separate. After all, can you blame your dog for being interested in the meaty, odorous food your kitty receives? This problem is especially hard for families that are unable to supervise breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, certain pets may have special dietary needs, such as prescription foods or limited portion sizes. However, a combined dog and cat feeding station can be hard to find For every pet owner who has ever proclaimed, there has to be a better way!” the good news is that now, there is.

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With the Orvis Dog Proof Feeding Station your cat has a secure place to eat. Best of all its not on a kitchen counter and where the dog can not enter. The feeding station’s enclosed food platform is accessed via a cat-size opening in the floor. This reminds me of my first tree house. Humans can enter via the hinged lid that props open for easy access and stays securely shut when closed. Side slats allow for a dining sanctuary where your kitty can eat in peace while enjoying the view of family activities outside.

This set of drawers turned pet food station.

The is one of the most innovative cat feeding stations available. This wall unit is a series of ramps, resting spots, and platforms made from a combination of wood and heavy-weight canvas, and it measures 52-inches wide by 45-inches tall by 11-inches deep. Since you can mount it as high as you like, you can keep this station totally out of your dog's reach. Just be sure you have a way to reach your cat's dishes. As the name implies, the uses microchip technology to limit access to your cat's food by only opening when it senses his chip in the proper range. Your cat's head must actually be under the detector arch and right in front of the feed bowl in order for the safety flap to open. When he backs away, the flap shuts and keeps dogs and other pets from eating any leftover food. This feeding station measures just over 18-inches wide by 6-inches high.