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I’m not talking about individual vets; I believe that most of them want to do right by our pets. But the problem is vets have allowed themselves to be influenced by the pharmaceutical companies and the dog food manufacturers – to the great detriment of our pets.

If you're not sure about spending the money and time to take your dog into the vet, you can .

Military veterinarians are part of the US Military and are responsible for keeping military dogs healthy and they care for the military personnel's family pets while on active duty.

Dogs on Deployment: Helping Military Members Keep Their Pets.

At Dogs Naturally, we’re both saddened and amused when surfing through veterinary clinic websites. i was hoping if you could help me get the word out about raising funds for vet expenses for my dog. every share and donation helps AND enters you in to win a grand cash prize, including lots of freebies. looking for kind hearted people to help me reach as many people as possible.

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Due to adog’s survival instinct, she will work to appear healthy on the outside. It’simportant as a pet owner to be observant and aware of the subtlest changes. Youknow your dog better than anyone, so if something seems wrong, take her to theveterinarian for a checkup.

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