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Made of all-natural Elk antlers, these rugged, long-lasting Big Sky Antler Chews help whiten teeth and freshen breath. Since they are grown and shed each year in the USA, they're uniquely sustainable as a chew. Because they are allergy-free and organic, they are safe for any dog. Also, they will not splinter, so they're safer than bones. Remember to always supervise your pet while using antler treats.

Betsy’s Bones Antler Dog Chews are safe for dogs. See our post about  if you want to learn more.

Feel good knowing that with elk antler chews from Mountain Dog Chews you are "treating" your dog to the absolute best. Benefits include: (i) rich source of minerals and nutrients; (ii) natural product of the USA, without additives; (iii) long lasting, safe and no splinters; (iv) mess-free and odor-free; and (v) not a slaughter house by-product!

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I think it would be fine personally...if people are going to be eating the deer meat I think the antlers should be safe for the dog. :) In addition to serving as a safe chewing option for dogs, elk antler chews also offer some nutritional benefits. For example, they’re a natural source of glucosamine, calcium, phosphorous, and other elements that support healthy bones and teeth. Many dogs also seem to prefer the earthy natural taste.

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Mountain Dog Chews also use “Grade A” premium elk antlers because it’s considered safer and tastier for dogs. Lower quality elk antler chews often appear and taste chalky, flaky, and dry.

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Dogs will chew on pretty much anything – but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to let them! One of my readers asked if a deer antler chew was a good choice for her dog: Q: One of my friends gave my Cavapoo an antler chew. It seems kind of hard. Is it safe for him to […]Pet Qwerks Antlers are made from 100% pure Nylon, a material long proven to provide a safe chewing experience. Your dog can now enjoy the antler chewing experience without the shards or sharp points of natural antlers.Excessively hard chew toys are a common cause of broken teeth in dogs. A broken tooth is extremely painful and can sometimes become abscessed. I believe that hard plastic or nylon chews, sterilized bones, cow hooves and antlers are too hard to be safe for most dogs. Rule of paw: don’t buy any chew toy that you wouldn’t want to be whacked in the knee with.The following are some of the benefits to antler chews vs. rawhide chews, along with safety tips to keep in mind no matter what type of chew you give your dog.