Calming Dogs: Most Effective Ways to Calm Anxious Pups

The feeling of anxiety is not uncommon in the canine world. Dogs suffer from anxiety caused by different things - loud noise, strangers, children, being alone... This page focuses on two common types of dog anxiety - noise anxiety and social anxiety. It looks at the causes and treatments for each type of anxiety. Natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathy can be used to safely and effectively calm down a dog with anxiety.

natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can help alleviate anxiety in dogs.

Homeopathic remedies that have a great reputation for use in motion sickness in dogs include cocculus and aconitum. Giving one of these remedies in 30c potency 15 minutes before travel and then up to two more times every 30 to 60 minutes as needed is recommended to reduce nausea, , and anxiety during travel. The product Easy Travel Solution from Pet Alive is an excellent combination herbal and homeopathic product that often helps lessen motion sickness. Flower essences including and Rescue Remedy are also helpful and can be used every 15 minutes as needed during travel to reduce your dog's fear and anxiety associated with travel.

Many natural remedies are available to calm and relax your dog.

Homeopathic dog anxiety remedies include Western herbs like chamomile, lavendar, or St Homeopathy for dogs is one potential solution. Gelsemium is a great homeopathic remedy for pets that will help to alleviate their fear or uneasiness when they are anticipating a certain type of event. It's great for thunderstorm phobia in dogs, but this treatment can also be used after a frightening experience in those cases where your pet is showing signs of being lethargic or is shaky as a result of what happened, or just for dogs with anxiety in general.

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It’s not uncommon for conventional veterinarians to prescribe anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs, either short or long term, for dogs with lick granulomas. These drugs are powerful and have undesirable side effects. I recommend trying natural anti-anxiety nutraceuticals first. These include: L-theanine, GABA, 5-HTP, melatonin, valerian and Chinese herbs to calm the shen. There are also several homeopathic remedies that can be very beneficial, depending on your dog’s specific symptoms. Work with your holistic vet to find the right protocol.

How to Calm a Dog With Natural Remedies

Dogs, like people, experience anxiety for many reasons. The foundation beneath this emotion can be complex and deep-rooted. Common anxiety treatments include prescription anti-anxiety medications and behavior modification. The symptoms of anxiety include urinating inappropriately, chewing, panting, trembling, snapping, growling and crouching when a person or another animal approaches it. Alternative treatments for anxiety are gaining popularity. Making home remedies to help treat your dog's anxiety is easy and inexpensive. And because these remedies are natural, side effects are less of a concern.Natural remedies such as homeopathy and herbs that have calming effects can help alleviate anxious feelings in dogs. They are effective, and much more safer and milder than tranquilizers!