4 Remedies To Help Ease Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

Lots of all-natural herbal supplements are available for your nervous dog. You can give them directly to your dog or mix them into a regular meal. Many of the same herbal supplements that have a soothing effect on humans will work on dogs as well. Remember to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog herbal supplements for proper dosage instructions and any warnings you might not find during your research. The most popular herbal supplements to calm an anxious dog are passionflower and valerian.

Homeopathic remedies are effective in the quick relief of symptoms associated with dog anxiety.

Three other products that I tried were specially concocted for separation anxiety. The first, “Separation Anxiety” was made by Spirit Essences. Founded in 1995, Spirit Essences claims to be the first and only line of essence remedies formulated by a veterinarian and an animal behaviorist. The Spirit Essences touts that it provides a safe, effective, natural way to help your animal companions lead healthier and happier life. The website is full of information regarding their products and holistic animal care. The company was endorsed by Traci Hotchner, a person/author of “The Dog Bible” who I personally respect, so I didn’t have any qualms ordering from it.

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Click  for more information on using natural remedies to treat separation anxiety in dogs. Our natural cat and dog anxiety remedies Flower Essences can help re-balance your animals emotions and has helped a myriad of emotionally based disorders. Flower Essences are vibrational flower liquids that are taken internally to create profound healing and change. Treat the Mind, Body and Spirit and create balance, well-being and health!

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Noise anxiety can exhibit many symptoms and severity levels. On the less extreme end of the spectrum, a fear of thunder may just cause some shaking and clinging to her owner. On the other extreme, thunder may cause panicked running, destructive chewing, defecating indoors, or even jumping through a plate glass window! Some owners aren’t even aware that a negative behavior they are seeing is actually caused by noise anxiety. For example, does your dog get upset when you take photographs using a flash? That may be noise anxiety! The flash may remind your dog of lightning and she becomes frightened that a storm may be coming.

Dog Travel Anxiety: The Best Natural Remedies For Calming Your Dog

These include separation anxiety, when you go away for a day or longer. Getting fearful and stressed out during thunderstorms and loud noises is another type. Trembling and whining around strangers and other dogs is yet another type of dog anxiety, or going for car rides. Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Remedy. With its patent-pending design, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. It does not require training to use, simply put the Thundershirt on your dog when they are feeling anxious and the constant pressure will relieve their anxiety. For more complicated anxiety cases, we recommend using Thundershirt as part of a behavior modification program. TheThundershirt is also a very useful tool for managing excitability or hyperactivity with strangers, on the leash, or in a training environment. Thundershirt’s calming effect helps a dog to focus (or refocus) her energies in a more constructive direction, allowing training to be more effective. Our model Rosie, a 17 lb. Beagle mix, is wearing a size S.