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Depending on your pup’s personality, apparel can be another way you can enhance their cuteness and extend their outward personality traits. To dress up your pooch for whatever occasion, there are several stores in the OC area with exactly what your dog needs to look their best. From swim gear to fine wear and more, you can make sure your dog’s wardrobe is just as extensive as your own. Talk about spoiled!

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Pariero carries colorful pet clothing and accessories just for dogs. When it comes to Pariero, this store can be described as a casual to formal clothing store to meet any occasion when you want to dress your dog. When it’s time to head out to the park, there is a set of denim pants that would make any dog more adorable, especially when hanging out at the beach. The variety of styles of apparel ranges from Polka dot tank tops to denim pants, leopard designer tees, tweed dresses and panda coveralls.

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70 Results - Great but Cheap Dog Apparel Stores, Cheap Home & Garden, as well as Cheap and more Our dog apparel size chart is conveniently located in every listing as the last picture. Our size range is from XXS - XL +. I can accommodate custom requests too if you are not certain of your pets size or need a specific customization.

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Custom dog clothes provides more than exceptional style and comfort; it's a way to show your precious pet—and the world around them—that you care enough to dress them in the very best, because that's what they deserve! Providing dog clothes that keeps your pup warm on cold days, comfortable when traveling, or just simply adorable and relaxed when out and about, is an important part of being the best pet parent you can be.
Fur babies have different styles and tastes just like people do, and we understand that pet apparel is not one-size-fits-all! If you're looking for something more minimal than dog clothes, we offer a fabulous dog collar collection, as well as fashionable scarves, comfortable harnesses, and anything your pup needs to stay stylish and protected both in and out of the house.

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After becoming the proud owner of a cream frenchie, I wanted to shop for quality clothes for her but couldn't find anything online. So I thought, why is there not a 'net-a-porter' for pets like 'pet-a-pawter'? That's how it started. Then we saw a gap in bulldog apparel so now we have The Bulldog Shop where other stocky dog owners can find apparel tailored for broad-chested dogs! We started out by curating products from all over the world (UK, US, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, etc.), but we will be launching our own collection made in-house this fall.Another upscale pet boutique, Best In Show stocks apparel, gifts and supplies for both dogs and cats. There are a number of fashionable choices for those in the market for dog apparel. Selections range from cute coats and snuggly sweaters to hoodies and cheeky tank tops and bandanas. Most clothing is available in a broad range of sizes from extra small to extra large. The shop also stocks several patterned body harnesses and collars, as well as a few select snappy collars with ties.