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[…] Erin from Dog Under My Desk shares a tutorial on her blog showing how to make a dog bed out of fleece. She gives the dimensions to make one that with a 26″ diameter, but she also explains her math so you could make another size. Get the tutorial. […]

[…] pattern is this super cute fleece dog bed by Erin over at Dog Under My […]

As dogs prepare for sleep, they'll often paw the surface of their bed. Unfortunately, this can sometimes loosen fleece fibers, resulting in worn spots on the bed and a constant mess for you to vacuum up. Those days are over. Our proprietary FleeceLock™ system features a luxurious fleece surface with a knit back, which is treated with a sealant that essentially "locks" the fleece fibers in place. The fleece sleep surface stays on the sleep surface, and won't shed, pill or pull free. And there's no need to worry about your dog's comfort: Our new FleeceLock fleece is just as soft and comfortable as our original fleece.

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This bed’s fleece fabric and cave design make it an ideal space for your dog to relax; filling made of eco-friendly, 100% recycled material I’ve made zippered beds out of fleece, with the inner covering made out of non-stretchy material, and have never experienced any problems whatsoever with sewing them or washing them. My 11-year-old dogs r still using these beds to today. I just sew new beds for additional rooms, and for additional dogs as our canine family now numbers 9. They r also wonderful gifts for friends who have fur babies.

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Now, if you were thinking about making one out of something other than fleece, then a cover/lining might work. I have trouble finding nice home dec/microfiber type fabrics that I would use for that, plus my dogs really like their fleece beds.

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This oval bolster donut dog bed offers the ultimate in comfort and support. 100% polyester fill adds the final touch to keep your pet off cold floors and relief on joints. Our luxurious fleece dog beds come in brown, red, sage, and tan. Bed and covers are removable and washable.Even if your pup is a no muss, no fuss type and just wants a basic square bed, you might as well get them something super comfy. This bed comes in three sizes and has a removable outer shell. The coils inside offer support for your older dog who may be having joint problems, and the layers of foam and fleece offer comfort that you may end up being jealous of! The coils will also help the bed keep its shape and the fleece cover will keep your dog warm and snuggled up on winter nights.With this quick and easy tutorial you can make your very own no sew fleece dog bed. This dog bed is sized for a small to medium dog, but can easily be customized to match the size of your pet. View the written instructions at the OFS Maker's Mill:

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Over eight years ago, we re-engineered the insert we use in this large fleece dog bed for added comfort, durability and support. The results are in: your furry family members overwhelmingly approve.