Cupcake Dog Bandana Birthday Dog Bandana Cupcake Tie-On Dog

Thinking of getting a gift for little Toby for his birthday? Along with a custom dog birthday cake(which we think is absolutely great!), you should get him a Custom Photo Bandana! Print photos of you and Toby on the bandana and then put it on him. The result will seriously be amazing! Just imagine your puppy running around with that bandana on. He will attract even more attention than he usually does because these Custom Bandanas will make him look even cuter! And who said you can only create one? Like you, I’m sure Toby wouldn’t want to wear the same thing all the time. Spoil your pet a little bit and create multiple bandanas for him! When you take Toby out for walks, all your neighbors will be gazing enviously at him wishing that they had a dog that was THAT cute. The best part is that nobody can really copy your bandana because it is 100% personalized. You get to choose which templates that you want to use and you get to choose exactly which photos you want to put on it. This is exactly why Custom Photo Bandanas are such a unique product!

Boy Birthday Dog Bandana Sizes XS to Large Pick a Fabric & Design. $8.50, via Etsy.

We already know that Custom Photo Bandanas are a great way to spoil Toby, but why not share the love? If you have a friend whose pet is having a birthday soon, give them a thoughtful gift like a Custom Bandana! Ask your friend for photos of him and his dog so that you can use to print on the bandana. Or if you already have photos of you guys together from a past gathering, use those! It’s better to be secretive and surprise them later with this awesome gift. When you have future playdates with Toby and your friend’s dog, they can have their own Pet Bandanas to rock!

Cupcake Dog Bandana Birthday Dog Bandana Cupcake Tie-On Dog

A Golden Retriever wearing a Collarific dog bandana and wishing a Happy Birthday. "Happy Birthday" We know how wonderful it is to celebrate our birthdays each year. It's just as wonderful to celebrate your dog's birthday as well. They will feel so special wearing their birthday bandana for the day. Made of light weight fabric...

Cupcake Dog Bandana Birthday Dog Bandana Cupcake Tie-On Dog

It's my birthday! This bandana will certainly have your fur baby looking festive on their special day. This special line of dog bandanas has been created for NBRAN by Blankets in Bloom.

Birthday GIRL tie style custom dog bandana available at Listing:

These are super fun! Perfect for the birthday doggie! We have rhinestone bandanas that sparkle and show off your bling. And screen print bananas too!Gift these doggie bandanas by rolling and tying them with ribbon and a gift tag. They’re
the perfect Valentine’s Day accessory for that friend who’s always loving on
their fur babies (you know who you are, dog-birthday-party-throwers!).Dog birthday cakes are a cute idea, but remember that your dog's health should always come first. Like any treat, they should be given sparingly. Use good judgment with all treats!

It's their Special Day!! Celebrate!! Announce it with a birthday tank or tee or birthday dress or bandana. Be sure to call all the neighborhood dogs over for a party!! PupRwear has , and for the big day. For the Rescues, just choose a date and celebrate it! Dogs love the attention and it gives them a chance to socialize (and you can socialize too!).

My NEW personal tie style dog bandana design features longer ties for easier on/off and snugger tying with a bandana "triangle" that is top-stitched for added durability. BIRTHDAY BOY on the front and reverse is plain fabric giving you 2 bandanas for the price of one! Hand washable recommended in cool water, lay flat to dry, may need a touch up with an iron.