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Your an idiot they are the happiest and most loving dogs apparently you have never owned or been around someone who owned one. You really should not comment if you do not even know the breed but just go off of stories you hear. Cocker spaniels are one of the top dogs that will bite and so are chihuahuas talking about mean little ankle biters.

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Any strong breed can be dangerous. And for no apparent reason any dog can do what you dad’s dog did. I have been around dogs my whole life. I’m 54 years old. I never trust any dog 100%. Especially when it comes to small children. I was bit in the face when I was around 10 years old by a big dog he was a pointer bird dog. I am to this day not afraid of bird dogs. Dogs are animals plain and simple. And should never be treated like they’re human. I’ve had APBT’s for 31 years and have never had not one biter. I LOVE the breed.

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Bad Dog Tools demonstrates their Bad Dog Biter, a drill-mounted nibbler that cuts through metal, plastic and laminates Sink some teeth into your next project with The Bad Dog Biter. Available from Bad Dog Tools, the Biter attaches to an electric drill to make quick, accurate and versatile cuts in sheet material. This drill-mounted nibbler uses a patented circular cutting head to easily cut as straight as an arrow or to make intricate […]

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I have a biter. I make sure he's never, ever, EVER in a position to bite anybody. That means strangers don't touch him; generally they don't even see him. He's 16 now. I did have a very, VERY good trainer work with him for a while, and what the trainer had to say was that it just depends on why the dog bites.

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Every dog has the potential to become a biter–habitual or aggressive biting is a result of environment and training. Although, some dogs are more likely to become biters than others if not treated or trained properly. It would be easy to say that Pit Bulls are dangerous because they are powerful and are responsible for the most dog bite related fatalities, but this is not the case and is far from fact.They may not look like much, but Chihuahuas pack a fierce bite when they become frightened. They have sharp, little teeth that can tear through skin. Although, it is often warned that Chihuahuas are chronically nasty dogs, but what most people don’t realize is that Chihuahuas are fiercely loyal animals that react however their owner reacts. If they have an owner that strikes first and questions second, they will likely do the same. Be sure to teach your Chihuahua proper manners to ensure that they don’t become a biter.Bad Dog Biter Nibbler Tool. Two Heads are Better than One When it Comes to This Drill-Mounted Nibbler. Using PATENTED technology and, powered by your hand drill and a pair of powerful cutting heads, the Bad Dog Biter ™ drill-mounted sheet material cutter makes it easy to cut sheet material up to 1/8" thick (wood, metal, plastic, etc.)."Dirty Biter" was an odd-looking dog, mostly from a broken jaw he got when he was a pup in the early 1970s. He belonged to Suzie Bacanello, who had purchased Dirty Biter for a few bucks at Clark's Feed and Seed in Bellingham. But he would wander, and one of his favorite hangouts was a First Street watering hole named the 1890s Tavern, where a bar stool was reserved for him. His favorite dish was the broasted chicken, but he never refused an offer of a steak or a burger.