Milk-Bone is a brand of dog biscuit

Underlining that focus is the theme of the campaign: “It’s good to give.” The double meaning is meant to convey that just as Milk-Bone is good to give your dog, you can also get a warm and fuzzy feeling if you give to good causes — or support brands that do.

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A Question For Ya’all Please>> I don’t use The STRIPS anyway, but have used MILKBONE products before; Soooooo, Do other milkbone type biscuits/ treats such Ol’Roy, Petco brand Etc. do dogs harm as well?? And how about those Beefy basted type?? Do any of these or other brands make them with the chemicals and what not?? I mean JET FUEL— EMBALMING FLUIDS?? SERIOUSLY?? YUCK!!

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Claims that Milk-Bone brand dog treats contain BPH, a preservative allegedly known to cause cancer, have gone viral. We’ve read customer views on Amazon and other online retailers thoroughly and listened to what people had to say—likes, dislikes, advantages and disadvantages of these bones for dogs. The list below contains our top five picks for the best bones for dogs currently available on the market. Some are from the same doggy bones brand, others are different.

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This bone reduces tartar buildup and cleans like a toothbrush while still giving your dog a delicious filet mignon flavoring. The company advises that you calibrate your choice of dog bone based on your dog’s “dental strength” and the durability of his or her teeth, refraining from buying them if your dog has soft teeth condition or another dental ailment that might make this hard for him or her to chew.

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My babies are well taken care of but now I feel that I have let them down due to this food. They also got the mini Milk bones. I had no idea that Del Monte had sold some of their brands to what is now called Big Heart Brands. Supposedly Chinese owned. Now I am transitioning to a vet supplied food to heal his stomach and intestines until I find something more suitable. This is very disturbing. Something changed with this food. It used to be a great food. I even had problems with the ground chicken and rice can food too. I just did not put two and two together. I will no longer be buying this product as I fear for my dog's safety. If I have to cook for them I would rather do that than put them through this. I bought the food at Petsmart and I live in Ohio. We have digital receipts from Petsmart. Thank you.Consumable is dog dependant. All non weight bearing bones are consumable for a large dog, but beef ribs and vertebra aren’t consumable for a small dog. Consumable means that they can eat the entire thing within one meal time, so since I can give my Border Collies a beef rib and before their next meal they will have eaten the whole thing, I can consider a beef rib to be consumable. But my JRT can’t ever finish a beef rib, so for her they are not consumable, but she can handle pork ribs just fine.