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It's been 5 years since this adventure began under the name Dog and Bow and we are having a blast! In 2012, my husband & I came up with this fun idea for dog bow ties following a failed attempt to find the perfect purple bow ties to be adorned by the cutest pugs (Chistery and Oliver) in our wedding photo shoot since our little Lola could not be there due to her passing. My dream soon became to make affordable, simple, and adjustable bow ties for dogs that would be suitable for a back yard picnic or walking down the isle. Only 6 short months later I was knee deep in the Christmas rush for my bow ties!!

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Best Dressed - The Martini Bowtie Collar! Handmade in California, these designer bow tie dog collars are constructed with colorful supple leather and matte black detailing. Make every day a special occasion!

DIY bowtie for dogs using one bandana!

Dog Bow Tie Dog Bow Comics Superhero Blue Black Yellow by ZoZosPaw My whole experience selling on Etsy has been amazing. Most importantly it has given me the freedom to set my own hours, be my own boss, and be creative!! Yay! Nothing is more rewarding then receiving photos from happy customers from their wedding or family photos with the family dog proudly posing in one of my bows. You just can't help how silly a dog looks in a bow tie!

Polka-Dotted Pearl: Velcro dog bow-tie tutorial

This bow tie for pets is suitable for medium to large-sized dogs and the neck strap adjusts from 10" - 18". The bow itself measures 5" wide and 3" tall to make a big, bold statement. It features an easy-to-use plastic clip to secure closed.

Polka-Dotted Pearl: Dapper dog bow-tie tutorial

Halperin seems to have realized that “too many adorable dogs in bow ties” was not high on most peoples’ list of problems, and tweeted the following clarification:Start by cutting two rectangles of fabric, one large, and one really thin. You can always make the fabric smaller if you want to test it out and make sure your bow tie fits your dog.Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Donald Duck… This eclectic group of gentlemen all have one thing in common. They’re bow tie wearers. Our office pup, Scout, is quite the dapper d00d himself with his strong eyebrows and peppery beard, so we asked if he wanted to join the league of bow-tie-wearing chaps. Scout didn’t growl a no, so we took his lack of a response as a yes and the rest is history. If you’ve got a dapper, statement-making pup of your own, below is a tutorial to help your dog become the most gentlemanly dog in the ‘hood.While we're sad that this tricky situation occurred, we are glad that this good dog exists and is making the world a brighter place, bowtie and all.Twitter user found himself in the company of a bowtie-wearing dog when he boarded his Delta flight on Friday. While a very cute and good dog, Halperin posted the photo to draw attention to the fact that Delta had not seated the service dog next to its owner on the long flight. He even captioned it with an irritable "Seriously, @Delta??!?"Next, you'll want to compress the center of the bow to give it the recognizable bow tie form. Using the thread, tie a knot around the center of the fabric. Ensure it is tied tightly so that it does not come apart when your dog is wearing it. To ensure extra security, sew through the center with the needle and thread to keep the bow in place.