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Turn any bowl into a slow feeder with Gobble Stopper by Loving Pets. Gobble Stopper effectively slows down feeding by as much as 500%! Gobble Stopper helps stop the gulping of food, thus avoiding vomiting, choking and bloating - the #2 health risk for dogs. The unique canopy design forces dogs to eat underneath. Simply Stick the suction cup to the bowl of your choice and see your dog eat slower!

Rapid eating can lead to digestive problems for your dog. The OurPets Slow Feed Bowl slows down your dog’s feeding, which means th

Place Portion Pacer into food bowl. Pour the recommended amount of dog food into the bowl. Watch and be amazed at how the Portion Pacer slows down how fast your dog eats and drinks from their bowls.

French Bulldogs like other breeds of dog can guts their food down

Rapid eating can lead to digestive problems for your dog. The OurPets Slow Feed Bowl slows down your dog’s feeding, which means th Another product that I wish I had found is the QT Dog Stainless Steel Brake-Fast Bowl. It has three columns in the middle of the bowl that slows a dog down as they maneuver around to eat their food.

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The dome in the middle of this bowl keeps food to the sides of the bowl so your dog cannot take huge gulps. This bowl slows down eating for dogs that eat their food or drink their water too fast. Can be used for food or water. Durapet Bowls are made of heavy duty stainless steel with a permanently molded rubber ring on the base that prevents the bowl from sliding.

Quick video of Hutch trying out his new dog bowl

Ease: Super Easy
Cost: Free if you have toys or tennis balls on hand. Otherwise, the cost is minimal.
How: Put enough tennis balls (or other dog toys) in your dog’s bowl on top of the food. I like tennis balls because they fit nicely in a dog bowl and are harder to pick out of the bowl than other dog toys. The dog needs to eat around the tennis balls, which takes longer and slows the dog down.
Cautions: Use appropriate sized objects. Be sure the tennis balls or objects are too large for the dog to swallow.Evaluation
The first thing we noticed about the Whoa Buddy Bowl is that it definitely slows the dog down a bit, if you are dealing with a dog that usually eats at Mach 5, it’s not like you’re going to get them down to Mach 1. More like Mach 3 or maybe Mach 2. It’s going to trip thumb up, but not that much. It basically provides a minor inconvenience for them, and gets in the way of their snout so that they have to eat around the nubs. Dogs might not be rocket scientists, but it’s not like they’re going to be stumped on how to get to their food.