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The bristle brush is the most popular type of dog grooming brush because it is very versatile. The soft natural or nylon bristles are gentle enough to use on all types of dogs, yet sturdy enough to remove loose hairs. A bristle brush is ideal to use daily, and works great when used in combination with a slicker or pin brush to remove remaining hairs after the initial brushing. The bristle brush is also perfect for dogs with short coats that require only minimal brushing to remove shedding fur.

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Well & Good Cushion Slicker Cat Brush. $10.99. $7.69 save 30% FURminator Short Hair deShedding Tool for Small Dogs. $43.99. $20.69 save 53% Four Paws Magic Coat Dog Medium Slicker Brush. $4.49 save 70% Different styles of brush work better on certain types of hair coats. Slicker brushes (shown on the lower right in the diagram to the right) work well for dogs such as poodles, with curly non-shedding coats, while combs or stiff bristle brushes are good for dogs with medium length hair that sheds, such as retrievers. Brushes with short bristles or flexible 'grooming gloves' are good for smooth-coated dogs such as pointers or boxers. Long-toothed combs, especially ones made with several offset rows, are good for use in dogs with long hair, such as collies; these combs are also useful for removing tangled clumps of hair, or for removing clumps of loose undercoat hair when your dog is undergoing a seasonal shedding.

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UNHAIRING Pet Deshedding Tool and Grooming Brush for Dogs/Cats with Fur Remover Button, Dramatically Reduce Shedding for Small/Medium/Large Pets, Long or Short Hair

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Hubulk Deshedding Tool & Pet Grooming Brush Shedding Tool for Small, Medium & Large Dogs, Cats & Horses, with Short to Long Hair, 4 In Greatly Reduce Shedding in Under 15 Minutes Yellow USA

We all love our pets, but the truth is dogs and cats shed a lot! This brush purchased by GranPaws is the best deshedding tool I have found and inexpensive compared to its competitors.

This deshedding brush was developed by Pet Care Experts who specialize in deshedding tools and brushes. Using this product will not only improve your pets health; it will also reduce shedding and by using this brush you will help promote healthier skin and shiny top coat.
This deshedding tool removes matts and knots in your pets fur and will not damage your pets topcoat. This is the best way how to reduce the amount of pet hair in your house, vehicle and on your clothing.

Pet grooming with GranPaws can be used on both short and long haired large dogs and big cats. This go-anywhere mobile dog grooming tool is made of strong, durable material with a soft ergonomic handle for brushing ease. The blade is stainless steel that is replaceable and is protected with a slip on blade cover.

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