Professional Dog Grooming Cage Dryer

The use of cage dryers in the vast majority of grooming businesses in and around Chicago, as well as the rest of the country, only serves to enhance the bottom line for the businesses utilizing them. The unattended forced air dryer is propped and positioned directly toward your dog while he/she is caged and unable to object. The Groomer is then able to move forward with another client’s haircut thus accomplishing more completed appointments in a day.

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I have a confession to make. I have dryer cages in my grooming shop. WOW! That is LIBERATING to say it out loud! I prefer to hand dry dogs, because the finish is so much better in my opinion, and I think most groomers would agree with that. Many dogs are hard to dry, and some are downright dangerous to try to dry by hand. As a result I feel like having the option to dry a dog in a cage with ambient air (room temperature air) is extremely important in my salon. I DO NOT USE HEATED DRYERS. I DO NOT OWN a heated cage dryer and never will. BUT as described below, you can make your own cage dryers that are inexpensive and safe for drying both small and large, young and old dogs.

The Edemco Double Drying Cage will accommodate small to large dogs

Sahara by DRI EAZ has been working long and hard for me. Sits on top of my cage bank and can dry 3 dogs at a time. Now, I can’t imagine what groomer in their right mind would ever think it would be a good idea to use a tube that blows hot air onto a brachycephalic (short snouted) dog of any kind (ex. , , , , , etc). Anyone who works with canines *should* know that these are extremely and can have a hard time breathing due to their physical structure. Our friend and grooming expert – Crystal Rolfe – even made mention of the dryer issue in the : “There should not be any heated cage dryers AT ALL…only fans and blowers with no heat.”

What Are Cage Dryers? - Awesome Doggies

Thomas Bruckner got the call that every owner dreads. After dropping off his 2 year old “Puggle” (Pug/Beagle mix) off at Pampered Pooch Doggie Daycare and Spa, his panicked girlfriend let him know the salon had called. Bailey had been having trouble breathing and had collapsed. Later at the vet, more information was revealed – it appeared that the little dog had become unresponsive when she was placed into a drying cage after grooming.

California Woman Sues PETCO After Dog Dies From Cage Dryer