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The , which is available in 4 sizes, has heavy-duty straps attached to a fully-padded vest and full metal connectors are used at the load-bearing points. The inner layer is made of breathable material which makes the harness comfortable for your dog. Not to mention, your dog is probably a whole lot more comfortable with the ability to move around the car a bit more than if he was stuck in a bag or crate. I’m sure your best friend prefers to position himself at the best angle depending of what is of interest at the moment, e.g. looking at the others outside or looking at you inside the car. It’s designed to makes it easy to load and unload your pets and easily installs in all vehicles. The Solvit Dog Car Harness has (ave of 4.5 out of 5 for over 1,100 review).


"I have 3 Pitbull Terriers (80lbs. each) and have looked at a lot of car restraints to keep everyone in their place. I got 3 so each dog has their own. It works perfectly! Just attach to the collar or harness, click it into the seatbelt reciever and your off :) Each dog has enough room to sit up or lie down, but no one is trying to help drive from the backseat. This is exactly what I've been looking for!! Thanks EZDog!!! I could not be happier :)"

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ROADIE DOG CAR HARNESS - 30 YEARS and 4,000,000 SAFE DOGS, CAN'T BE WRONG! There are two adjustment points to ensure you get a proper fit for your pooch. The EzyDog harness can be worn as an everyday walking dog harness, which is a huge benefit for owners that frequently take their dog with them in the car.

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This dog car harness features an ergonomically designed EVA foam chest plate. The harness design is what really sets this product (and the Sleepypod harnesses, featured below) apart from the traditional dog seat belt.

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We were invited to see first hand just what happens to an un-restrained dog at the recent NRMA Insurance 'dog harness crash test' 2013 held in Sydney.

We can tell you that 23 out of 25 dog car harnesses available in Australia FAILED...
Let's just repeat that... 23 OUT OF 25 harnesses available in AU FAILED!...

We'd love to know how YOU secure your dog when travelling!Manufacturers of many dog safety products are not required to test their products before going to market, this included dog safety travel products like a car harness.Do you know that most dog harnesses will not keep your dog safe if you are in a car Find out which harnesses are tested to child safety and actually work.At The Dog Effect, we have spent hours researching the safest harnesses for your dog so you don't have to. Below we will review the three best car harnesses for your dog: