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DogMa Daycare and Boarding for Dogs offers carefully supervised group play and loving care for friendly, fun-loving pups. Our 10,000 sq. ft., dog-park-sized environment is DC’s ONLY outdoor daycare facility for dogs.

Dog Day Getaway Apple Valley offers a dog daycare facility that caters to your dog and other dogs throughout the […]

If you’re planning to board your dog with us, we recommend that you bring them to our location for a visit before leaving them for a day or the weekend so they can get used to our facilities and our team. We provide a free, no-obligation tour of our facilities. To schedule a visit to our doggy daycare center, please contact us and let us know when we can expect you. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and your dog and show you both everything we have to offer!

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The Dog Stop is America's best all-inclusive indoor/outdoor dog care facility My dog loves daycare. She's frequented facilities in New York, Michigan and California.

Going to daycare has helped with her separation anxiety and fear of people. She's wary of the caregivers on her first couple of trips, but ends up loving them after a few weeks. Now, when I drop her off, she can't get out of the car fast enough. And she's dog-tired at the end of the day.

I would suggest touring a few facilities before picking one. Even for a novice, it won't take long to recognize the good ones from the bad.

Make sure the daycare you select is clean, has strict vaccination requirements, divides the dogs into groups by size and temperament, offers at least one long rest period, and enforces a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bad behavior.

And ask lots of questions at the initial assessment. (Note: if the facility doesn't conduct a comprehensive assessment of your dog--one that includes a trial interaction with dogs that already attend--that's a good sign you need to choose another place!)

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Great article with lots of good information.

Only thing that struck a warning chord for me was the suggestion that strangers might be walking thru and around the day care when the dogs are there. I want only the trained staff around my dogs, not a nice but random assortment of owners (including ME) walking through. The day care I use and LOVE has live video feeds and has the dog's owners present for the temperament evaluation.

Tour the facilities before or after hours by appointment and with sensitivity to the fact that staff are putting in extra hours for this but don't be in the dog area when staff should be focused on working with the dogs. Not sure I'd accept a day care that let strangers walk thru, I want trained staff not tourists.

I remember an earlier WDJ article where someone said they'd stood on a car roof or hood to see over the day care fence to see how the dogs were doing. I would be furious if my dogs were EVER subjected to that. Can't imagine a disembodied head over a fence would be anything but frightening and highly arousing. Could even create an issue with fences for some dogs. I sympathize with the need to see but that is NOT the way to do it. Video is a lovely tool these days.

Owners have the right and responsibility to screen and interview but do not have the right to put other client dogs at risk in any way.

In general, I applaud the article!

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