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In most locations people are required to pick up and dispose of dog leavings and can be fined if they don't. On a week day a person would normally carry dog bags, possibly in a small pouch attached to his lead.

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DO get creative with what your dog carries
Many people stress about how to add weight to the backpack. Where do they find the right weights for their pup? There’s no need to get fancy. Make your dog useful: allow him to carry his ball, water bottles, poop bags, or other items you might need on the walk. If you allow him to carry your keys or other pointy objects, make sure they aren’t poking into him and causing discomfort, and make sure that the weight is distributed equally on both sides of the backpack.

If you have a dog, you need to carry bags to clean up after it.

On Shabbas a person can't carry the bags and presumably can't have the dog carry them either (by attaching them to his lead). It's been said that the purse makes the outfit, so for our fashionista pet parents, carrying your precious pup in a small dog carrier that's reminiscent of a designer handbag is the perfect solution. Our classic handbags and leather tote carriers from top designers such as Louisdog, Dogs of Glamour, and PETote, will transport your fur baby in luxury, comfort, and protection. Our handbags look so much like classic designer bags, people will wonder if your pup is being , or an original Louis V!

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Another way to carry your dog is a doggy sling, but these are not as popular as backpacks or even handbags and purses for dogs. They're rare to see.

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Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier Crate Travel Carry Dog Bags S Blue * Continue to the product at the image link.(This is an Amazon affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)Walkie Carryall Dog Bag ~ Essential dog walking bag ~ Compact but large enough to hold wallet, keys, sunglasses along with your dog's toys and treats ~ Room for a water bottle, cell phone, and doggy bags with built-in dispenser ~ Perfect Autumn dog walk companion | In the Company of DogsRecently, I noticed that the people I see when I am running or walking with a dog are paying attention to something unexpected. They REALLY notice whether I am carrying a bag of poop or not. When the dog has yet to make a deposit, my bags are tucked out of sight in a pocket or elsewhere, but once I’ve had the joy of cleaning up after a dog, I have my bright blue newspaper bag in hand. Without the bag, people smile a little or nod, or say a brief “Hello.” The Transportation Security Administration said officers arrested a man whose carry-on bags were found by an X-ray machine to contain a gun and his pet dog.