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This ordinance prohibits the chaining/tethering of unattended dogs. When tethered, the responsible party must be outside with the dog. The tether must be five times the length of the dog, be connected to a buckle collar or harness, be on a swivel, and weigh no more than one eighth the dog’s weight. Pulley/trolley systems must be at least 15 feet in length.

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It so sad the way advertisers play guilt trips and use every trick in the book. Of course you love your pet. You want the best for your best friend.
Advertisers know this and lie and trick you into buying something you do not need.
I am blind and use a guide dog. She is my best friend. As far as collars all you need is a regular collar, and a choke chain. The regular collar holds the ID and shot records and is used when you have to leave them on a chain. For walking use the choke collar. Despite what the advertisers tell you. A chill collar does not choke your dog and most of all it is not cruel. Every guide dog uses a choke collar for walking along with the harness. Try using one for a week. Run your hand under the collar. You will not find any sores or brushing. You will have trouble removing it for baths. My dog tries to keep it on. She wants it back on fast. If your dogs misbehaves or pulls you, just give a light snap. This does not hurt your dog. It just gets there attention. The abuse happens when you attach a chain and leave and when your dog is pulling, you just hold the leash and let her pull you. This chocked and hurs your dog. When she starts to pull, just a quick light snap as you say no. This gets her attention with out hurting your best friend. Soon she will stop pulling and jumping up. A good choke collar costs 2 dollars and lasts 20 years. The new improved organic cruelty free collars cost $30 and up, and last from 1 to 2 years. Ask your vet or the humane center and ask if the new age collar is better then a choke chain. Unless they are trying to sell a new age collar. Next time you need a new collar, get a choke chain. Use it for 2 weeks. Watch how your dog behaves and look for any sore or bruising. See if your dog is happy and does she behave better on your walks. You the extra money for a new toy and some treats.
Important lesson, the advertisers goal is to convince you to buy something high priced that you do not need or want. Think about the Blue Buffalo dog food. Are they selling it for your dog or for you to show that your dog is special and nothing is to good for your best friend. After watching the commercial do you feel guilty?

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4. 5M Automatic Dog Lead Retractable Dog Leash Pet Traction Rope Chain Harness Dog Collar Pet Product... Sec. 55.19 Restraint Requirements
1. The owner or keeper of every animal shall keep the animal under restraint at all times. If a responsible adult is physically outdoors with their animal on the property where the owner of the animal resides and the animal is under the owner’s direct control and is obedient to the owner’s commands, this section shall not apply during the duration of the time the animal is under the control of that person.
2. When a tether is utilized as a primary means of restraint, a responsible adult must be physically outdoors with their animal, and the animal must be under the owner’s direct control. The tether must be at least ten feet in length, have swivels on both ends, and allow the animal to utilize the entire 360 degree circular area designated by the tether. The tether must allow the animal free access to food, water, and shelter.
3. Any tether must be attached to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the dog and shall weigh no more than 10% of the dogs estimated body weight.
4. Tethering does not refer to periods when a dog is walked on a leash or restrained on a trolley system (Sec. 55.01.22). The primary usable trolley runner line must be suspended at least three feet above the animals head, with at least ten feet in length between two pulley stop points. The secondary line attached to animal shall have a rolling trolley freely movable a distance of at least ten feet on the primary trolley line with a spring/shock absorber attachment and swivels at both ends. The trolley system shall allow the animal unrestricted body movement and utilization of the entire area designated by the trolley system, with a minimum of five feet lateral movement for the animal on each side of the primary trolley line, as measured on the ground. The trolly system must allow the animal free access to food, water, and shelter. The trolley system must be of appropriate configuration to prevent escape of the animal, and confine the animal to the owner’s property. The primary trolley line shall be used to restrain only one animal at a time.
5. All collars used must be made of nylon, leather, or other durable and non-metallic material and must be fitted so as to not cause injury to the animal or embed itself in the animal’s neck.
6. Use of a chain, choke, or pinch collar as a primary collar is prohibited.
7. Any animal that is restrained must be a sufficient distance from any other objects or debris so as to prohibit any tangling of the restraint or from extension over an object or an edge that could result in injury or strangulation of the animal.

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Sec. 18-56. – Dogs on cables or tethers; improper confinement.
(1) Dogs and cats shall not be chained, tied, fastened or otherwise tethered as sole means for confinement to property. The continuous maintenance of a dog on a chain, rope or other kind of tether is abnormally restrictive and stressful and often results in health and temperament problems. In most cases, such long term confinement will cause the dog to suffer unnecessarily.
(2) An individual found chaining or tethering an animal in violation of this section has 30 days to provide other means of confinement, as long as other conditions of confinement and care are being met. The grace period is null and void immediately if the owner, at any time during the grace period, is not in compliance with other applicable laws relating to animals.
(3) As an alternative means of restraint, an animal may be attached to a running cable line or trolley system providing that:
(a) Only one animal may be attached to each running cable line or trolley system;
(b) No animal should be attached to a running cable line or trolley system for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period;
(c) Tethers and cables attaching the animal to the running cable line or trolley system must be made of a substance which cannot be chewed by the animal and shall not weigh more than 1/18 of the body weight of the animal tethered;
(d) The running cable line or trolley system must be at least 50 feet in length and mounted at least four feet and no more than seven feet about ground level;
(e) The length of the tether from the running cable line or trolley system to the animal’s collar should allow access to the maximum available exercise area and allow the animal free access to required food, water, and shelter. The tether attaching the animal to the trolley system must allow the animal complete freedom to lie down or enter shelter without strain to the neck or body.
(f) Be attached to a properly fitted harness or collar not used for the display of a current rabies tag and other identification; and with enough room between the collar and the dog’s throat through which two fingers may fit. Choke collars and pinch collars are prohibited for the purpose of tethering an animal to a running cable line or trolley system; and
(g) Be tethered at sufficient distance from any other objects to prohibit the tangling of the cable, from extending over or around an object to an edge that could result in injury of [sic] strangulation of the animal and be of sufficient distance from any fence so as to prohibit the animal access to the fence.
(Code 1987, § 4:109(1), (3)—(8) ; Ord. No. 09-13, art. I, 4-14-09)

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