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my am. stafford shire ate kfc chicken bones last nite. w/i 30 min i induced vomiting @ vet suggestion although it took him 15 min to vomit he did & we found chicken bones in it. we then gave him 7 cottonballs soaked in chicken grease to coat remaining bones in hopes his tract, intestine and all would b fine. he looked like a skeleton and we felt soo bad we stupidly gave him some rice and lil dog food w/ it. he vomited again shortly. he had a solid stool this am. i gave him a half dry cup of rice and food b4 i went to work. he had diahrea in the house. my brother was home and cleaned it up. bud ate along with his pack however, out of his ussual 4 cups he probably only ate two. he had seemed fine after eating around 400pm. @ appx 11 pm he vomitted bile w/ spots of blood n it then a pink foamy liquid. i am very tight on funds and he hasn’t shone any discomfort upon touching him anywhere and the other dogs are acting normal around him. so an hour has pasted does anyone relate to this? can anyone quide me as to whether or not it is impairative to get him to a vet 2 nite or at all? i am wondering if we have seen no blood in stool if maybe his esophogus may have been scratched and i shouldnt stress soo much is it safe to go to sleep/ please if u relate share your thoughts w/ me

My dogs all eat chicken, beef, whatever bones they can get a hold of. Again, no problems.

+ 1. Dog owners (I am one) need to take responsibility. Looking out for chicken bones is no different than looking for other hazards on the sidewalk, cleaning up after your dog, walking your dog on a leash, paying attention while at a dog park, keeping your dog on the sidewalk at intersections until you can safely cross. It’s all part of being a responsible and engaged dog owner.

Feeding dogs cooked chicken bones is dangerous

Do not give your dogs chicken bones. He could choke or die and that would suck. If your dog ate chicken bones, be it by mistake on your part or by mischievous activities on their part, you should make a serious effort to keep a very close eye on your dog for the next week and closely monitor them for any adverse reactions/symptoms/signs of something wrong.

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The following list covers some of the most important and common signs you should be looking out for if your dog ate chicken bones, in which case you should immediately notify your veterinarian about.

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Sure, they're carnivores, but how easy is it to hunt birds, without shooting them? I don't think I've ever head of a dog killing a bird that could fly easily, and the ones that can't fly easily either have stronger bones (ostriches etc.) or are only common near humans (chickens etc.), so selection pressure wouldn't be so great.People knew for 50 years about the risks of smoking but that did not stop millions from doing it anyway and dying of lung cancer. The fact is, there are people in their 90s who have smoked since they were 12 and they are fine. Similarly, there are dogs who have eaten chicken bones everday since they were puppies and they are also fine. So it is definately dangerous and not recommended but hey, like that ever stopped anyone before....