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The best professional dog clippers will also benefit your pet. Professional clippers will come with several different comb attachments and speeds, so you can easily adapt to your pets’ fur. This also helps you give them the best cut for their breed. Cheap clippers may have a weak motor or dull blades, which can cause pulling when trying to trim your dog’s fur. This can cause your pet pain and might make them scared of grooming in the future. It’s easier to just avoid the hassle up front by purchasing a good pair of pet clippers for a little bit more money.

There are a few things to consider about the blades of the best dog clippers.

I have a few questions. 1) I have two dogs, a 60 lb lab mix with long hair and super dense undercoat and gets a lot of matting, and a 50 lb border collie mix with long hair. I have tried some of the cheaper models of clippers and have been unsatisfied with the choppy cut of the hair and them overheating so badly that my dogs whine and I have to stop and wait an hour for them to cool off. So I am looking at investing in a good pair of clippers. A few I have been looking at (and feel free to suggest others you think would be better), are the Oster A5, Andis AGC 22360, Andis Ultra Edge AGC 22465, and the Andis 22215 2-Speed (although on amazon's description it says they are for small dogs). My dogs get scared by noisy clippers. So any advice would be recommended. 2) I see there are a few options on the blades: UltraEdge, standard, CeramicEdge, CryogenX and CryogenX Elite. Could you fill me in on the differences? 3) Are those cool lubes they sell worth the money? 4) Which combs would you recommend (if any)? 5) Last question... do you know where (what country) Oster and Andis manufacture their clippers? You're help is MUCH appreciated!

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Replacement blade for the Lucky Dog Clippers Medium replacement 1/16 I checked one of the sharpening pages linked from this site. He talked about Andis clippers being bad for heat build up and wear because they are ot a direct drive system. They use that plastic blade drive thing. I am going to disassmble the entire clipper and clean it out. Then I'll closely inspect the blade for wear or to see if it is even in the back as you mentioned. Other than that I'll talk to a local groomer, actially come to think of it a neighbor a few houses away does dog grooming and has it written on her car. I'll talk to her.

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Thoroughly shampoo, thoroughly rinse, and if possible...some blow dryer action while continuously brushing until your dog is squeaky clean and dry should significantly improve the clippers/blade performance.

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The first things you notice when buying clippers are the different blade sizes. Attentive as we may be, grooming your dog is one of those tasks that many of us studiously question. Which blade for which breed? Can we sharpen them, if so, how often? Here are some general guidelines and recommendations to help you tend to your dog’s grooming needs.Length of hair left when cutting against the natural lie of the coat, or on a dog with off-standing coat, such as a Poodle or Bichon Frise. Cutting with the grain of the coat on most breeds leaves it one blade length longer. For instance, a #7 blade leaves approximately 1/8" hair when going against, but will leave approximately 1/4" when going with the lie. The cut indicates the uniform length of hair which will be left when you use the designated blade. Higher blade numbers indicate shorter hair length ie: A #4 blade leaves 3/8 inch of hair, and a #40 leaves only 1/100 of an inch. For lengths longer than 5/8", use a blade guard or clipper blade comb.