Spot your pet easily in the dark

Easy To Use
Comes With Adjustable Elastic Band Worn Below Existing Collar: Easily Slips Over the Dog's Head or Use Side Release Buckles Keeps Light From Moving When Leash Is Pulled To One Side

Nite Dawg Light-Up L.E.D. Dog Collar - Great for night-time walks with your pooch!

The Nite Dawg LED Light-Up Dog Collar has been designed to give you, the dog owner, the ability to see your pet after dark. Engineered from a lightweight and durable nylon that is built with a polymer core that lights up when you need it to. As a secondary safety measure, the collar has a reflective stripe that can keep your dog visible to both you and any others within 1,000 feet.


Adjustable Dog Collar With LED Light - Leopard Style - Big Star Trading Store Get a beacon for your beagle, a lantern for your lab, or a signal for your Scottie with the Nite Ize® SpotLit LED Collar Light. This handy battery-powered LED collar light emits a bright light that can be seen up to a 1,000 feet away, making early morning or late night fun less stressful. Push button switch control makes it easy to switch between the Spotlit's steady glow mode or continuous flash. Durable weather resistant light features a tough, stainless steel carabiner clip for easy attachment to the D-ring on your dog's collar. Runs up to 20 hours in glow mode on its two 2016 3V lithium batteries (included) and up to 25 hours on flash mode. Weight: 16g. Dimensions: 2.1"x1.28"x.85".

With this LED collar from OxGord, it doesn't matter

Make it easier to spot your best 4-legged friend after the sun goes down with the Nite Ize® Nite Dawg® LED Collar Cover. This handy battery-powered LED collar cover glows brightly to help make early morning or late night fun less worrisome and stressful. Easy to use light attaches securely to your dog's collar with 2 micro hook 'n' loop tabs. About as thick as a bandage, this durable pet light features a polymer core around a red LED bulb with a thermal plastic urethane exterior for great weather resistance. Visible up to 1,000' away, this handy collar light features both a glow and flash mode. Runs up to 75 hours in glow mode (100 hours in flash mode) on its one 2032 3V lithium battery (included). Weight: 14 g. Dimensions: 6.89"x1.3"x0.42".

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