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A prong collar is only a necessity for a trainer who is inept at other methods.
I have met and worked with a full range of dogs, from the terrified to the outright dangerous and every level in between. Not once have I used a prong collar and not once have I been bitten.

As with most dog training tools, there are both the good and bad sides to the prong collar.

Great Blog Post! As a trainer myself, I really enjoy your standing by a large toolbox for training. When I started training, I strictly worked by compulsion (positive punishment and negative reinforcement.) Over time, I have leaned much more towards positive reinforcement. For many dogs, it is quite easy to train without any collar, by simply understanding their drives and motivations. However, I cannot sign on to this whole POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and NEGATIVE PUNISHMENT ONLY movement. I find many dogs are simply not motivated enough by rewards that can be efficiently harnessed, and will always stop short of getting the help they need. As with any dog, treating it as an individual, building a strong bond and relationship, and building useful and desirable drives are really the secret to training, but sometimes dogs and owners require a little more help. Thanks for your common sense approach to education and staying away from absolutes. The only thing I would add to this post is that no matter what approaches or methods you use, it will still require time, dedication, and a developed relationship with your dog. Quick fixes rarely last long.

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As with most dog training tools, there are both the good and bad sides to the prong collar. Before you try these tools on your dog, why not try them on yourself? If you think pronged collars are so wonderful, put one on and have someone pull you with it. If you don’t have a problem with pain or breathing then use it on your dog. Until then I think you are a cruel, idiotic person who will mistreat an animal. DON’T HAVE A DOG IF YOU CANNNOT CONTROLL IT WITHOUT A PRONG COLLAR!

Proper Use of Dog Training With Prong Collars

I used to be a HUGE fan of prong collars. They allowed maximum control with very little effort. When I would roller skate (Cesar Millan style) down the street with three Pit bulls and a German shepherd mix, prongs and slip collars were a must to control the dogs. It was a ton of fun to roller skate with all those dogs and see people stare at me as they drove by. The dog’s loved running together full speed ahead. Surprisingly, the only time I fell and scraped myself was when I was with just one dog and I had family with me that distracted me. They all knew “whoa” because we would stop before crossing any street. I, of course, taught “whoa” by putting pressure on the prongs and braking on my skates.

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