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We ask that you keep this item quiet. If it ever got known that we carried dog collars with daisies on them, our shop would be swarming with bulging-eyed dog owners who demand daisies on this... daisies on that..... You know the type. So please just buy this collar and keep it our little secret. Thank you.

High Fashion luxury leather designer dog collars with diamante daisies

I was looking for a collar to match the red heart dog tag I previously bought from HotDog. I had intended to purchase one with an argyle print, but had to buy the daisy one because our coonhound's name is Daisy. It looks and fits great!

1 1/2" Wide Daisy & Gems Leather Dog Collar

(2) No Stink Pink Dog Collar Cotton Candy: pink dog collar with daisy flowers, and brown webbing Comments: Bunsi, my small rescue dog and I love the green daisy collar and leash. I got the martingale collar because she is a 4 month old puppy and she walks much better now that I am using this type collar instead of the regular type collar. I would recommend this company. They have really cute high quality products and they have been great to work with.
Sizing: true to size

Embroidered Cotton Daisy Dog Collar l George - Olive

Comments: I adore this collar for my dog, appropriately named Daisy. So many collars for female dogs have a pink base and this offered something different. The product is quality and the shipping / processing was speedy. The only suggestion I would make is on sizing. I am used to my dog being referred to as a big breed, a Labrador. In stores I have to buy the large size. Since my pup is more on the smaller side of the large breeds I think she could have got away with a medium since we cinched this new large collar down to it’s smallest size. But this really was just a user error and I hope sharing this experience will help others pick the right size for their dog too. I’m a happy customer! :0)
Sizing: larger than I expected

Personalized Dog Collar - Black Daisy | Hot Dog Collars

Green Border Daisy on Black Leather Dog Collar. This stunning black leather dog collar features a floral border design with silver studs and green cabachon studs imported from Europe. Made with high quality calf leather.Summer News - this summer loving daisy print is going to stay your loved companion' wardrobe and be your pup' new favorite. Think of going to a branch walking your pups with this beautifully designed dog collar on, you are sure to be the center of the park! Because this dog collar has the ultimate summer loving design not only the print but also the style. Another reason you should get this collar now is the super soft neoprene layer, which exhibits good stability and maintains extra comfort for this warm season. What are you waiting for? Prepare your pups to get into the spirit of our favorite season - the spring.