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Regular grooming is great for the skin and the fur of canines. Brushing, combing, and raking as part of a regular and thorough grooming routine can not only eliminate mats and tangles in longer fur, but it can also clear away molting and shedding fur, leaving the coat shinier and healthier. Many dogs truly enjoy a gentle and thorough grooming from their owner.

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Corgi’s good nutrition is essential to control your Corgi shedding a lot. High quality dog food combined with dog supplements is vital for your dog’s health which also manifests in its coat. It is very easy to tell of a poorly fed dog only but the looks of its coat. Since Corgis are good eaters, you won’t face any problem feeding it. Fish oil and Omega 3 supplements are particularly valuable for a good coat. We recommend the below de-shedding pills which could help your Corgi shed less and they are available on Amazon.

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Jump to Shedding Blade for Dogs - A shedding blade, also known as shedding comb, is a looped .. Golden’s love to play and explore – combined with that long, wavy coat and you have a recipe for a very dirty dog. Their long hair gets tangled that if left ungroomed turns into painful mats. Also, did I mention all that shedding?

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Pet supply stores have a dizzying variety of tools and products to assist in dog grooming. There are combs with fine teeth, combs with medium teeth, and combs with coarse teeth, combs with handles and without. There are brushes with short metal pins, brushes with slanted metal pins, brushes with flexible plastic pins, oval-shaped brushes and rectangular brushes. There are shedding blades for thick-coated dogs that shed gobs of undercoat and nubby gloves for smooth-coated breeds.

Dog Grooming: Choosing the Right Brush for Your Dog

Grooming your dog is the single most important key to reduce dog shedding. Regular brushing with a slicker brush is the best way to keep the loose hair from falling on the floor or your furniture. Once a week try to sit down and do a thorough grooming session. Unlike their feline counterparts, most dogs do enjoy being groomed and it’s a great way to bond with your dog. This session would include taking the shedding comb and pulling it through the hair until it runs through smoothly. For the breeds with double coats, it’s best to use an undercoat rake to pull out the loose undercoat. Again, continue pulling the rake through the fur until it runs through easily. If you run into mats in the fur, use a de-matting rake to cut through it and untangle the mats. Typically, you will pull some small chunks of fur out, but that is okay since there was too much hair for this area of skin in the first place–thus the reason for the matt.This tool is designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake. This tool works effectively for all shedding breeds of dogs and cats. It can handle both long-haired and short-haired pets. It addresses the issue of the undercoat, which can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair and the major source of shedding and the allergies and cleanliness problems.