5 Best Dog Sofa Beds: Cushy Dog Couches for Canine Comfort!

Where does your dog sleep? Sure, your own bed or the couch are options, but they are not always ideal. Your dog needs a spot to retreat, a place to lay his head, somewhere soft and comfortable to call his own. It's one of your dog's - a great bed! With numerous varieties, choosing a dog bed can be harder than it looks. Here is a rundown of dog bed varieties that are sure to satisfy even the most pampered of pooches.

This ingenious bolstered couch protector doubles as a soft, indulgent bed for your dog.

Have you ever wondered what dogs dream about? Maybe chasing cats through green fields or having a never ending supply of chew toys? We’ll never know, but you can make sure that they are comfortable in a microfiber pet lounger. The lounger cover is made from a comfortable, durable, and cool cotton twill. Like any type of bedding, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear. This lounger is reversible allowing you to evenly distribute wear - this makes the bed last longer! Dogs of every age that are healing from surgery or dealing with aliments, such as arthritis, will benefit greatly from a dog bed made from medical grade orthopedic foam. The foam provides the support dogs need in such a delicate condition and makes dealing with the aches and pains much easier. If your dog just won’t use the dog bed because they’ve become accustomed to relaxing on the couch, then invest in several of our stylish pet furniture covers. These will keep your couches, chairs, and loveseats fur free without throwing off your décor!

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Is your dog prone to accidents? If so, you may want a dog couch bed that has waterproof cushioning. Users have a mixed opinion regarding the MaxComfort pet couch bed. One buyer comments it’s perfect for his terrier-mix dog, but the extra large size is a bit smaller for his Doberman since he likes to stretch out. But another customer shares that his Doberman has no problem sleeping on the dog bed couch and he is very happy with the quality of his purchase.

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A pleased dog owner states that his 120-pound dog loves this couch, and it fits him well. However, the leather has holes already, even though his dog’s nails are short. Another customer comments that the X-large size is not big enough for larger dogs, and it’s more suitable for Spaniels or Bulldogs. Some users also state that the arms look too firm or that their dog’s legs hang off the bed.

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Below is a list of our top five picks for best couches for dogs selected with the focus on comfort, durability and the easy of cleaning. Some of these are premium quality best dog couches with a higher price tag, while others are much cheaper options that are still of good quality build.

#5. Brinkmann Pet Faux Leather Sofa Bed
#4. Ultra Soft Pet Bed
#3. K&H Bolster Couch Pet Bed
#2. K&H Memory Large Foam Cozy Sofa
#1. Snoozer Overstuffed Luxury Pet Sofa

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Disclaimer: We are not endorsing any of the dog supplies in the video. We have not been paid by the manufacturers to include any of their products in the video. We have not tested some or all of these products, and the picks were based on thorough research and customer reviews. Please always do your own research before buying any of the above dog products to ensure you're getting the best item for you and your canine.When it comes to dog-friendly couches, it’s all about fabrics. You can have a couch hand-crafted by Paul Bunyan himself, but cover that sucker in velvet, linen, or silk, and you’ve literally laid the foundation for total destruction. You might as well stuff the cushions with porterhouse steaks while you’re at it, because it’s goin down. But fear not, polyester-phobics/TKs. We went out and found 15 couches that are pet-friendly, (i.e., durable and easy to clean), and easy on the eyes. From leather, to microfiber, to fun patters and prints, there are plenty of ways to accommodate both you and your pooch’s lounging needs.