GoGo Pet Products Plastic Dog Crate Replacement Pan/Tray, 48-Inch

This replacement tray fits AKC's 42 in. Large Dog Crate. It is easy to remove from the crate for cleaning. It is approved by the AKC for lining your dog crate.

43 Inch Heavy Duty Large Metal Dog Crate Tray Dog Cage Portable Travel Kennel FREE SHIPPING

Dog owners are sometimes disappointed after purchasing these replacement trays due to not selecting the right size. One very important thing to remember about these trays if purchased online is that they may cost more to ship the back to the company than the price of the product. This means that customers will be stuck with the replacement tray if it does not fit in the dog’s crate. Therefore, measuring carefully is imperative, unless of course one wants to waste their money. Take careful precautions to get the exact measurements and the right tray.

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DIY small potty patch (home depot products,mesh,small dog crate tray,Astro turf..really simple) If you thought that dog crate extras only went so far as durable locks and easy-clean tray, think again: This offering from Merry Products actually serves two purposes, converting from an attractive piece of kennel-furniture, into an equally attractive wide pet gate. Even better, it’s easy to assemble – no tools required.

Pet Lodge Wire Crate Dog Kennel Replacement Plastic Tray

If you like the idea of kennel-as-furniture, but your pooch tends to overheat, you may think your only option is an all-metal cage. Think again: this large dog crate serves as a functional side table, but its metal-wire sides ensure ample ventilation, as well as full visibility for anxious pets. A removable plastic tray slides out for easy cleaning. This crate is easy to assemble without the use of tools.

Replacement tray for Kennel-Aire standard dog crates

Dog Kennel Crate Topper. Can also be used as an ottoman/ coffee table tray Materials: recycled wood, Hobby Lobby handles, stain, paint, and caulkA dog crate tray is around 1" deep which is no good for containing litter or hay and can leave a lot of mess outside the crate. To solve this issue you can create a frame around the base of the crate using wooden skirting, Perspex or corrugated plastic (e.g. Correx). A deep tray (e.g. a storage box) containing any litter and bedding is another way to reduce the mess.Dog Kennel Crate Topper. Can also be used as an ottoman/ coffee table tray Materials: recycled wood, Hobby Lobby handles, stain, paint, and caulkI am Ernesto Bowers and I am working to a long time with a Company as a Marketing executive. Pinnacle Metal Craft provides you with best in class handmade dog crate pan, kennel tray and hairpin legs items to give your pets a secure & to happy life. For more information about .