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When choosing the appropriate pair of scissors or shears, be sure to research the type of material you would think is most suitable. Look into the trusted brands in the dog grooming circuit, as well as the type of blades utilized. Keep your blades properly lubricated and stored in a safe environment. Avoid dropping your tools, to eschew damage and lack of sanitation. And remember: your comfort and cutting technique should always be considered to be sure the tool is right for you.

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6" 7Pcs/Lot Professional Dog Cat Grooming Scissors Straight Curved Cutting Shears Kit Puppy Hair Trimmer Pet Beauty Accessories * Pub Date: 18:17 May 30 2017

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VS Super quality Professional 7. 0 inches dog hair cutting scissors animal hair cutting scissor You want to use scissors that are designed specifically for dogs or puppies. Dog grooming scissors are made specifically for this purpose. It is not advisable to use human hair scissor types on animals. The job of shearing, trimming and cutting for dog or pet hair is completely different, besides being unsafe if improperly done. With the proper scissors and trimmers you can complete the grooming faster, safer and more efficient.

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– Scissors with this type of blades that have fine grooves cut into the blades that grasp the hair as it cuts. This helps when you are grooming as it eases the cutting fatigue as the blades dull, by providing a cleaner cut. are mainly used on dog’s face, paws and muzzle.

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