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A: A locking cover that slides in through the side of the frame instead of from the top. This avoids the problem of overhang above the dog door which could interfere with the operation of a locking cover like the .

When you want the dog to have access, you leave the Watch Dog Security Pet Door Locking Cover open.

If you have a giant breed that is 34" or less, you can use the or doors, which are identical, except that the Thermo Panel uses dual pane low e glass and the Quick Panel uses single pane glass. There used to be a pretty big price difference between the two, but it's down to $5 or $10 as of the time of this writing, so Thermo Panels are much more popular at present. These doors are temporary installations, which means they have a spring loaded top and are very easy to put in and take out, but is still relatively secure when locked. Despite this they perform great and should be every bit as weather tight as the Hale door. The Extra Large size has a 12" wide x 23" tall opening, and the rise is adjustable. On the XL size you can set it at 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11 inches off the floor. Most dogs that we're discussing in this article are going to need the 9 or 11 inch setting. With a 23" flap at 9" up, you get 32" to the top of the flap, 11" up gets 34" so it will fit a fairly tall dog. The downside is the width of the flap. We say it fits dogs to about 150 lbs. For Danes it might go larger than that because they're so lanky as compared to a Newfoundland or other thick bodied giant breed, for a really thick breed like a Rottweiler, might be less than 150; use the door test to make sure your pets fit. The Thermo Panel and Quick Panels have sturdy locking covers with spring loaded buttons so that they can't be lifted out from the outside.

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All wall mounts come with a locking cover to add to the security of your dog door Made in the USA, these pet doors are ideal for both smaller and even large dog breeds. In addition, the package will include a sturdy, durable security locking cover for this pet door for the times when it's not being used.

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This door by PetSafe was originally developed by Pet-Eze in the 1980's. Named the "Insta-Panel" Portable Pet Panel, It was available in three sizes--corresponding to the current Petsafe Classic series small, medium and medium/tall-- and, together with the Pet-Eze Deluxe 81 panels, constituted what was certainly the most advanced patio pet door offering of the day. Unlike the Deluxe 81 panels, the "Insta-Panel" did not include a locking cover.Pet-Eze, later known as US Pet Products, was bought out by Petsafe at the turn of the century and continued this pet door with some changes. The sizes offered were reduced to the single medium/tall. But the adjustment range was broadened to 76 3/4"" to 81" from its original 78 1/2" - 80" which significantly broadens the number of sliding glass doors that it will fit.The Petsafe "Insta-Fit" Panel, the Petsafe Freedom panels and the Petsafe Deluxe panels have spring-loaded height adjustments. The difference in the case of the "Instant" version is that there are thumb screws to lock the springs in place after installation. Thus no tools are required to install this patio pet door.The glass is regular 1/8" tempered and this is still no locking cover. It is not available for over sized patio doors or for short patio doors. The only frame color offered is satin aluminum.Because the dimension is so short, this panel is a particularly good choice for someone who has a fairly small older or arthritic dog who needs a smaller step-over.

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