Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution with Hydrocortisone

Ointments and creams for canine ear infections come in tubes, and are administered by inserting the tube a small distance into the dogs outer ear, using caution to avoid injuring the dog's ear canal and eardrum. You should not insert the tube deeply into the ear. Squeezing the tube releases a small amount of medication, which you should gently massage into your dog's ear. As with other ear medications, your dog may shake his or her head vigorously after administration. This is expected and does not mean the medication will not work.

All natural dog ear medication to soothe and relieve dog ear infection symptoms.

On a message board for dog owners, I discovered a post by a dog owner who had spent thousands of dollars on trips to the vet and prescription medications, yet his dog's ears were not staying infection-free for more than a week or two at a time. He resorted to treating his dog's ear infections with Monistat (whose generic name is miconazole), an over-the-counter medicine for women with vaginal yeast infections. He combined Monistat with another OTC ingredient, hydrocortisone, which alleviates inflammation and itching.

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If you're in need of effective dog ear infection medication or ear medication for cats - this is it! The kind of medication your vet will prescribe will depend on the underlying cause behind your dog's ear infection. Antibiotics and drops are the most widely used medicines and are very effective in curing infections.

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For infections caused by parasites, ivermectin is often prescribed. This is an anti-parasitic medication which will kill the parasites and stop your dog scratching. Zymox is another popular medicine for treating ear infections. It comes in the form of ear drops that break down wax and other blockages in the ear canals and leave them clean so that air can circulate around the ear again. It is antibiotic free and, although it works well against bacterial and yeast infections, it can be used as a preventative measure as well.

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