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Mealtime does not have to be routine and feeding your dog his meals can become an enrichment opportunity. Provide a meal in a Kong, a slow-feeder or puzzle toy. Hide tiny treats throughout the house for your dog to discover during the day while you are at work. Randomly toss treats or kibble into grass, snow, leaves, or around a room and let the dog sniff and search. The challenge is greater when the treats are not easily visible requiring him to use his nose. Treats may also be placed in a trail that your dog can follow with his nose to find bonus treats at the end. Presenting food that is novel with new tastes or textures (homemade sweet potato chips or a frozen low-sodium chicken broth ice cube) can be stimulating for your dog.

Aïkiou “IQ” puzzle feeders were the first dog puzzle feeders recognized by the industry in 2013.

Some dogs and cat get upset tummies from eating too fast. Puzzle feeders distribute food a little at a time to help relieve indigestion from eating too quickly.

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Great DIY Dog Puzzle Feeders on the Dane Dame's Blog - Ottawa Dog Blog When choosing a product for your own dog, be sure to consider what you want to accomplish with it. If you’re looking for something to slow down a greedy eater, consider an interactive feeder. If your dog needs more physical and mental challenge in his life, a puzzle toy that needs to be moved around in order to dispense its goodies might be best. If you have an old or injured dog that can’t move around much and needs some relief from boredom and inactivity, a toy that can be operated with his nose or one paw may be the way to go. Whatever your dog needs, you’re sure to find something to satisfy him.

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3 Pound chihuahua? No problem! Have a bulldog that can’t use most puzzle feeders? Wooly is the perfect enrichment product for any dog, any size, and any shape.

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Slow bowls and puzzle feeders are similar products in that they are both designed to change the way dogs consume their food. But the products are very different in their design, function and benefits.Like most of you, I feed my dogs twice a day. If they wolf it down in 10 seconds, they spend the rest of the day trying to entertain themselves… But if they have to figure out how to get those pieces of kibble and treats, and they spend 10 minutes working on it, I have exhausted, happy dogs. That’s especially important for me because my bored dogs are anxious dogs. Plus, slowing down during mealtime is always a good thing. Here are some of my favorite home-made food puzzles:So, although both bowls do slow a dog down, puzzle feeders build off of their natural behaviors and instincts, turning a 30-second chow down into an engaging, thought-provoking, playtime puzzle.

Feed your dog with a food puzzle. Place his meal into a puzzle to extend meal time and provide your dog mental stimulation. The more challenged he is, the more tired he gets, which is a good thing! Learn how to make feeding time exciting for your dog by watching this video!

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