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Since automated feeders for dogs regulate the amount of food your pooch is served while also transferring the duty of feeding to a machine (cutting down on begging), these devices can aid in maintaining your dog's healthy weight.

Let the Automatic Dog Feeder or Outside AutoPetFeeder Serve Your Dog His Next Dinner

Petmate's 5-lb programmable feeder provides reasonable portions for smaller dogs. It also features a smaller hopper, making it a more appropriate choice for small kitchens. The food hopper locks into the feeder to avoid spills if the feeder tips. Also called the Le Bistro Infinity, the feeder dispenses meals up to three times per day, in 1/4-cup to 2-cup increments. The automatic feeder has an LCD screen that displays the time and makes it easy to set the programmed feeding times. The removable food bowl on the Le Bistro is dishwasher-safe on the top rack, and the unit requires three D-cell batteries to operate.

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Large Automatic Pet Feeder Electronic Programmable Portion Control Dog Cat Feeder w/ LCD display “An automated feeder for dogs allows you to put in place a regular feeding schedule, which can help with proper digestion,” he says. “For folks on the go a lot, this eliminates one task from your day as well. It’s also beneficial regarding portion control. Additionally, it can help avoid obesity. And if you have multiple dogs, it can control who gets fed and when.”

Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder, 4-Meal

Petsafes Dog and Cat food and water station is the first gravity food system that has a removable stainless steel bowl that comes away with ease for the ability to wash and clean both bowls; it can also be used in the dishwasher. Sanitizing the stainless steel bowl at high temperatures in your dishwasher will eliminate any bacteria that may be lurking in the bowl after use that could be potentially harmful to your dog. Common infections or allergic reactions on your dogs’ skin or even nose irritations can all be caused by not washing up your dog’s feeding bowls and the surrounding areas properly. The food bowls are great space savers and look their place in anybody’s kitchen, laundry rooms or other indoor areas. The automated feeding action lets your dog have food on demand without any hassle or accidents in the process. It really is the healthier way for your pets to enjoy their dry food.

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Our experience is that most dogs will adjust to the constant availability of food within a few days and will only eat what they need. Occasionally you will run into a dog which will over eat and stay overweight if kept on an automatic feeder, but these dogs are the exception. Our experience is that most dogs will regulate their food intake and stay in excellent body condition on an automatic (gravity flow) feeder. We do not recommend automatic feeders for puppies, however, because we believe that the human contact associated with hand feeding is very important in the socialization of puppies.Feeders and waterers are a great solution for pet owners. If you leada busy life and you have numerous chores, you can rely on the automaticfeeders when it comes to providing the food for your dog. All you need to do is put food in the machine from time to time and change the water tank.