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If we have an amplified signal, can this cause the correction to be higher than normal, or does it just cause the correction to happen in places where it should be safe?
My dog is trained with a remote training collar. We use it on level 5 and she responds without yiping or jumping around. She usually only needs the tone now.
When we got her an electric fence, the first time she received a correction, she jumped up, snapping at the air around her and yiped mulitple times. It seemed like the shock was much higher than it should have been, and she is afraid of the new collar now. The correction level was set to low. I am afraid to let my dog be corrected by this system again. It seemed to really hurt her, although she was not injured.

We’re considering an electric fence for our dog. I have two questions.

Need an electric dog fence to keep your dog safe? An Invisible Fence* system can cost almost $2,000. Although, if you do it yourself, you can do it for about $300. Whether you want an underground fence or a wireless fence, check out our comparison page to find the best dog fence for you and your dog.

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Electric Dog Fence | Louisville KY | Elizbethtown KY | Wireless Dog Fence PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System), is an exclusive feature of High Tech Pet that allows you to operate multiple pet activated products from a single collar. High Tech Pet electronic dog fences using the RC-8 dog collar also operate our Radio Mat area restriction device that activates the collar at the touch of a paw. Our RX-10 Universal Collar, included with the X-10 electronic fence system operates ALL our PAWS products including Power Pet Doors, Our sonic fences; Sound Barrier Indoor Containment, and Yard Barrier Outdoor Containment, and Radio Mat Indoor Scat Mat. No other electronic dog fence allows you to control multiple products like these allowing you to create your own custom electronic pet care system all powered by a single collar. You will not find anything like PAWS on any other brand of electronic pet containment system.

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DogWatch hidden dog fences use a radio signal transmitted through an underground boundary wire. Your dog (or cat) wears a special collar with a receiver that detects the radio signal and alerts your pet when he gets too close to the underground fence. Your pet is trained to retreat from the hidden fence at the sound of the alert. The receiver is also available with a vibration alert for hearing impaired pets. Using an electronic pet fence is easy and safe.

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