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The collar of my old fence (petsafe) died and I decided to try out another system instead of buying another collar. I am glad I did, the Dogtek fence is superior in many ways, the collar is more sturdy and I feel that the boundaries are more accurate. I have been using it for a few months now and have no problem to report.

Provide your dog with the special training necessarily to get used to the invisible fence system.

Our rotty mix, Baily, is actually well trained in most situations. He sits, stays, heals, comes, and even does tricks. He doesn't jump on people and is polite. He loves other dogs and even our neighbor's kitty. The problem is birds! He would stop at no lengths to chase a bird that dared to land in his yard. Once he got running after one, nothing would stop him. The bird, of course, would fly up in the air and be totally out of harms way, but that didn't stop Baily from running. No fence was a barrier. Finally with this system, he stops short of his barrier line and does not try to break out of the yard. He can run around with getting lost, finally! (Posted on 2/5/2013)

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And now, without further ado, 50 of the best wireless, invisible dog fence systems available today: We are professional Dog breeders in South Carolina and we actively have quite a few litters happening at once of Labrador Retrievers. I Bought a system before and loved it. I have recommend systems to other owners and breeders. We have a lot of land and I needed something that I would not have to worry about for a very long time. I did not want the cheap wire that my last one came with. I wanted to expand more then I had from the last system I had but at the same time I really did not like the wire that came with the system. We looked into getting a system professionally installed and the cost with how much land I would like the dogs to have for freedom and training and hunting purposes. The cost came to a crazy $11,000 investment. I really wanted the durable wire that came with the professional installation so I booked for them to come out and install it. I was incredibly upset that what I needed was so difficult to find. My husband and I like to do everything ourselves so this was absolutely frustrating. Well to the point, I found this site the day before they were going to come out to install the system and I was so happy about talking to this company. I have already installed a fence before but I liked that I could order as much wire as I needed in the pro grade wire. I was very impressed with how they handled my order. Instead of $8,000 I happily spent just under $2,500 and now have the knowledge to fix it in case something happens. It was a pretty easy installation with the amount of wire I got and I have to say the dogs are really happy with their amount of space they can roam without correction. We like to bring the dogs on trips on the land all the time and there is a section that is fairly close to the road that we get worried about it, but the flags have been helpful. I like the SportDOG brand, it is a brand we have worked with in the past and would choose over and over again. I like the verity of products they have and the choices. I think the best part about this system is my daughter has a smaller dog that does not need the Sport dog collar levels. I got the elite little dog to place on her dog and it works with the SportDOG system and I love that. I love the options of choice and the fact that I can customize each collar to each dog depending on how they take it. I am very happy with my purchase, the customer support, durability and professionalism of this entire situation. I am one very happy customer!

Gretchen V.
Rock Hill, SC (Posted on 12/21/2014)

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If you have a runner, you know the anxiety of watching your pet escape out an open door and into the great outdoors. Check that anxiety with the Ruff invisible dog fence – a hybrid system that uses both underground wire, wireless receivers, and a control box. Establish a custom perimeter and activate the adjustable collars, to create a safe outdoor area for your dogs to roam.

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