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I was ready to purchase IUC4100 from you and install it my self as soon as snow leaves Ohio. We own 5 months old Doberman Pinchner and our house is on 1/2 acre development lot. Dog is listening very well to my commands but not my wifes – bitting, jumping and not responding on “come”. Someone mentioned purchashing training collar so she can use it and I connected it with IUC5100 instead purchasing separate training collar. With adding $40 for IUC5100 I can have lighting module and remote – just separate Pet Safe Deluxe PDBDT-305 I was looking for cost about $86.
Am I thinking in right direction? Is IUC5100 remote training comparable to separate training collars? Is different training collar better solution so dog can make different from fence correction (less confusion) – if there is anything different (sound may be)?

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The Bluefang Remote Training Collar gives you remote training, bark control and activity monitor with 24 hour bark monitoring and data reports, which are controlled by your I-Phone or Android smart phone. Added to this, your BF-22 Collar can be used with your High Tech Pet Electric Fence System. Our Bluefang technology is designed to grow and change, as we add new functions and features that you can easily download as the updates become available it a remote training collar with 3 positive unique training tones, to teach positive behavior and 3 stimulus levels, each with adjustable intensity and duration, to stop negative behavior. You can also program an unlimited number of collars, allowing each dog to have his own, uniquely programmed collar to allow for different dog temperaments. It’s a bark control collar with a bark-sensing circuit that distinguishes the sound of a bark from any other surrounding noise, while also distinguishing between unallowable nuisance barking and allowable alarm barking if desired. Our exclusive progressive stimulus starts with a warning tone, and graduates into a tone and shock stimulus, which increases with each bark, progressing through 6 levels. It’s an electronic fence collar that works with our X-22 complete electronic fence system and is Compatible with ALL other High Tech Pet Electronic Fence Systems and uses our exclusive Pulsed Proportional Stimulus Technology that you can only get from High Tech Pet.

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Universal Remote Trainer. Call us about the new remote trainer compatible with all brands of dog fences. For thirty years the electronic pet fence has provided safety and security to millions of pets from trusted brands such as Pet Stop®, Invisible Fence®, PetSafe® and more. I am also wondering if it is possible to setup a “forbidden” area inside the house, using the same collar to provide correction and some kind of add-on? I would like to train both him and my other dog, a lab, to stay out of a particular bathroom so that my poor cat will have an area of peaceful enjoyment. I’m not sure I could use the remote for this, because he clearly knows or senses when I am within hearing range, and only ransacks the kitty litter box when I am not aware he is doing so. If there is such a thing, would it be better to introduce it at the same time as the outdoor fence?

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With a Labrador Retriever you have a lot of options, they are generally both easy to train and receptive to the correction. I would definitely use a wired fence, they work a lot better. If you want something rechargeable, the Innotek IUC-4100 is a good choice. If you want something with a remote trainer, the IUC-5100 is a good choice. The SportDog SDF-100 is a good choice if you want a system with a disposable battery (it uses a regular 9V battery). The SportDog has a little bigger collar. Both are good reliable systems. Combine either with steady training for the initial two weeks and you should have a happily contained (although still hyper) chocolate lab.

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